Garden furniture at Retuin

Luxury garden furniture

Which garden furniture is really special to have in your garden, if budget and space are sufficient? It’s nice to think about that for a moment and let your “creative brain” think for a moment. For example, I made a list of special garden furniture made of wood, which is made from pallets to the exclusive Wana hardwood from Brazil, and garden furniture at Retuin.

Naoto Fukasawa Tititkaka Bench

Design Garden furniture

This garden furniture bench is made of teak on an aluminum frame. This beautiful garden furniture bench is based on the traditional park bench as inspiration. The designer has simulated the effect of wind over water in the waveform. These waves are not really useful for sitting comfort, but that is not necessary with such a beautiful design.

Crate furniture from Rietveld

Rietveld made the first furniture in 1934 from “crate wood”. Crate wood used to be one

Crate garden furniture Rietveld

packing material. This is how he recycles the packaging material. Rietveld’s ideology was that beauty should be accessible to everyone. In Rietveld’s starting point with regard to crate furniture, this characteristic is correct, because crate furniture is simplicity and durability.



Studio Mama’s pallet chair

A chair made from used pallets. If you start paying attention, you suddenly come across

Pallet garden furniture

wooden pallets and they are literally there for the taking. The wooden pallet chair is easy to manufacture yourself. It is smart to know how to dismantle a pallet sensibly,

Tree trunk chair

You can use a fallen tree as garden furniture. The designer, Jurgen Bey, thinks it’s an idiot to transport trees if they are available locally. So he only sells backrests. You still have to look for the fallen tree. Also a simple and sustainable concept, but not cheap: € 11,000.

Tree trunk garden furniture

Milano Bedding Kubeletto

This garden furniture is not made of wood. It’s a smart concept with some simplicity

Garden furniture

combines with different positions of the garden furniture, it can be folded into a bed, sofa or chair.

Of course it is nice to have a special piece of garden furniture, but in terms of comfort, maintenance and price it is often not convenient to have it in your garden.


Nowadays you can buy beautiful garden furniture for a good price at the better online garden centers. The online garden center sites are much cheaper than the traditional garden centers. So it is certainly smart to look online for cheap and quality garden furniture. You can take a look at, for example