Ruby – King of Gems

As you know, rubies can be considered as Jewel King The ruby ​​is a mineral in the corundum family (Corundum). In addition to being red, it also has other colors, such as bright red, purple red, orange red, reddish-brown, pink, but if it is the ultimate color. The beauty of the ruby. Must red pigeon. Pigeon red, here must be a little virgin red (pure) with blue. Ruby. This is the least common and rarest of all. By the old age, it was believed that if anyone had merit and put on the ruby, it would bring stability, wealth, and prosperity. Sharp intelligence Good health, fit perfectly, Pung Pang Ever.
1. Ruby Thailand. It is known all over the world for Thai ruby ​​or Siam Ruby. Several years ago, the most common area was Border near Cambodia, the colors of rubies found in Thailand are red to reddish brown.At present, the most traded province is Chanthaburi, which is considered a major source of the world ruby ​​market. But until now, the famous good quality Siam Ruby is no longer available in Chanthaburi Province. (As if the word of good Nowadays, there are only secondary rubies that come mostly from Burma.
2. Ruby Myanmar (Burma) The most beautiful pomegranate source in the world, it is said that Mogok city is where those premium rubies fall asleep. There is also a new mine called Bo Su (Mong Shu) mine that often finds a scarlet ruby. And the ruby ​​star that appears six-pointed star glaze rolling back and forth on the surface of the gemstone Which is considered a very rare famous hero However, nowadays Burmese rubies are very rare in the world market. Due to political reasons as you are known
3. African pomegranate If you want a red and purple color, then This must be the ruby ​​from Africa that is often colorful. And there is a reddish purple sparkle within it The famous ruby-producing city in Africa is Longjido and Los Zogonoi Most of Tanzania is a small ruby. But the larger ones have appeared from Kenya. And another important source is At the Umba River (UmbaRiver), glimpse the beauty of the African Ruby from the picture below.
4. Vietnamese Ruby As mentioned above Burma, there is still Vietnam. I want to say that Vietnamese rubies are priceless as well as Burmese rubies as well. But for political reasons of Vietnam as usual That makes the Vietnamese ruby not well known and widely known. It is also controlled by the government.
5. Sri Lanka Ruby Sri Lankan Ruby or Ceylon Ruby, although the quality can not be equivalent to Burmese rubies. But still has a strong point of strength in cleanliness, color, bright, shining more than anywhere else Other properties are also included, such as fluorescent light emitting properties. And having an eye-catching stigma that is a beautiful silk thread Sri Lankan pomegranates are usually light red or purple red. The color scheme is quite bright, inviting to look at, inviting you to take out the money in your bag and buy it.