The color of ruby

A ruby ​​is a family of corundum that is red in color. The color of rubies can be of many shades. In which a large premium certificate Will specify the color of the ruby ​​as follows

– Pink-Red / Pinkish Red (red-pink)
– Purple-Red / Purplish Red (purple red)
– Orange-Red / Orangy Red (orange red)
– Red / Intense Red (Red / Intense Red)
-Vivid Red (bright red)
-Vivid Red – GGT color type “Pigeon’s Blood” (bright red with the color type is bloody)

GGT color type “Pigeon’s Blood”
“Pigeon’s blood red” is a bright red color known as the color of bird blood red. Which has an intermediate color tone There could be only a few blended shades of purple. This red-colored ruby ​​has a medium to high UV fluorescence.

The GGT color type “Pigeon’s Blood” will be specified on the certificate only for rubies that:
– It is genuine gemstone (not synthetic gemstone)
– It is a non-burnt gem or an old burnt gem
– Not a byproduct burn with beryl, lead or sunburst color.
– It is a gem of good quality and good proportion.

** For pomegranate with a bright red color. But the color tone is quite dark In large certificates, the Premium only indicates the color “Vivid Red”. This ruby ​​is darker red than the carmine ruby. And glow in the UV light very little

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