Top 5 gemstone in the world!

A gem is a valuable item that anyone wants to possess. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are many people fighting with all their might to get it And the more that gems Can make life rich It is even more risky in the minds of many people. Especially If this is the top 5 most precious gems in the world that are ranked according to the price and rarity of these excavations. Anyone who wants to have it all
5. Sapphire (Sapphire) is a gem in the Corum Dam family, has many colors in Thailand. Known sapphire as aquamarine In the past, Pailin was called “Nil Kan” by the origin of the sapphire. Comes from this type of gem mine located in Pailin province. Cambodia However, sapphire is hard and resistant, so it is commonly used in jewelry making.
4.Ruby (Ruby) is a gem in the family of sapphire red color, hardness number 9, second in hardness, second only to diamond. Making it one of the most popular gems used to make jewelry Also, the ruby ​​is known as “King of Gems” as well, which in Thailand Ruby is considered one of Nopparat or 9 sacred gems.
3. Painite is one of the rarest gems in the world because there are only a few of them, which in the past a British prospector discovered it in Myanmar. And later discovered a penite in Indonesia Penite ranges from pink to brown. Which its brown color comes from the doped iron Because of this, it is very expensive.
2. Taaffeite is another precious gemstone, ranging from white, pink, red to purple. Which taphite is several times harder to find than diamond For this reason, it makes it a very valuable gem. But because of its rarity, taphite is not widely known. And the price may not be able to compete with diamonds But it is still considered to be the most expensive jewel in the world.
1. Diamond (Diamond) is the best of the most precious gems. And the most hardness as well In fact, diamonds come in a variety of colors, including white, blue, green, orange, pink, yellow, brown, gray, purple and red. For this reason, diamonds are very popular in jewelry making. Of course, the price of diamonds is extremely high and is arguably the most expensive of all gemstones. Even though the gems mentioned above are very expensive, I believe that no other jewel is as expensive as the Nakmanee that Nakin has maintained. Because in addition to being able to possess it, because there are snakes to protect It is also a gem that gives prosperity and wealth to those who can possess it. But it will only be possible if the owner can kill all the Nakin who cared for the dead first. But if Nakin survives It will come back and take revenge. And this gem may turn into a cursed gem instead