Great gardening tips that anyone can use

If you’ve always wanted a beautiful garden, you will understand that there are many things you should consider before you start. Gardening requires labor and effort, but at the same time gardening can also be a lot of fun. Here are some tips to make sure it’s less ‘work’ and more ‘fun’!

Carbon Dioxide

For good and optimal growth, plants require sufficient carbon dioxide (CO2). Plants will not thrive if they do not have a sufficient amount of CO2. A greenhouse can concentrate the levels of CO2 and keep it stable. Here the CO2 can be increased, which is not possible outside the greenhouse, and you can ensure the best conditions for your plants for rapid growth.


Always be aware that your plants always have exactly the recommended amount of water, too much or too little can be harmful. Too much water can rot the roots of your plants, and too little water will not give your plants the moisture they need to grow healthy and strong. Check the moisture content of the plants often and keep the soil moist as needed.


Make a planting schedule before you plant anything. This document will help you organize which plants to plant at any given time. If you plan ahead, you will be prepared and you will have the seeds and when you need them. There are many ways to create your calendar, on paper or electronically on the computer, or even with an app for your smartphone.


Plant some trees that have colorful fruits in the fall. Fall is usually associated with foliage, but some trees produce decorative fruit which is great for variety in fall. There are many fall plants and trees that produce berries, adding color to your garden as well as food for the winter birds. That immediately gives a cheerful lot with birds in the garden! The berries can vary in color from yellow to red. A few attractive examples are holly, crabapple and chokeberry.

Protect from the cold

Deciduous shrubs are very fragile, so protect them well. If you have a few shrubs in pots they should be protected from the winter weather. Sealing in plastic is well known, but it is better not to do this because it can cause plants to rot. A much better solution is to place a cloth (for example a thin sheet) over the top, so that the bush can continue to breathe.

With these tips you will be better equipped to develop and grow your dream garden. Learning how to create the garden of your dreams will help you grow as a person. Because, if you learn how to take care of your plants, you actually learn to take good care of yourself.


Helpful gardening tips


This article provides tips to help you maintain a healthy garden. Careful planning will help you find everything you need to grow a beautiful garden in your area, and also avoid wasting money on the wrong seeds or unused equipment.

Choose the right soil for the best results. Different types of plants require different soils, so check which soil is best for your plant. You can also use artificial fertilizer.

There is no need for chemical intervention if you discover mildew on the leaves. Combine a little liquid soap and some baking soda with water. Spray this mixture on your plants every week and the fungus should disappear. No damage can be done to the plants and the baking soda is mild and efficient.

Growing vegetables and fruits

A great benefit of growing your own products is knowing that they have not been treated with pesticides and other harsh chemicals. Research available methods of organically removing pests in the garden. If you discover that the organisms are harmful to your plants, the best way to remove them is to remove them by hand.

Plan your vegetable garden on paper. List the things you would like to grow and make a very detailed drawing. So that you know what and where it is best to plant everything. Think about such things as the width and height of plants, and how much sun and moisture is needed.

Place a few inches of organic-based bedding around your vegetable plants. ground cover keeps the soil moist for an extended period of time. Ground cover will be of great help in preventing the growth of weeds. This will save you a lot of time and effort in pulling weeds.

Plants will respond with maximum growth if they get the amount of CO2 they need. Plants tend to grow better when CO2 levels are higher. Greenhouses help keep CO2 levels high. To maximize your plants’ growth, you need to monitor these levels to make sure they are adequate.

Try to avoid direct sunlight if you garden during the day by wearing protective clothing. Wear hats, sunglasses and sunscreen. Protecting yourself from the sun will lower your chances of getting skin cancer and prevent premature aging from sun damage.

With a little bit of research you can go a long way, especially if you combine this with a good dose of patience.


Gardening is how you do it!


Is the grass greener on the other side? You would think that all your neighbors have some secret formulas that love their lawn and garden so much better than yours. The truth is, there is no secret to a beautiful garden. You just need to learn how to properly maintain your plants. You can start gardening today by expanding your knowledge by reading the information below.

Some plants can benefit from repotting, while for other plants it disrupts the roots. To see if a plant needs more growing space, first remove it from the pot by turning it over and gently sliding it loose. If there are many roots, it is time to put the plant in a new pot. If there are only a small amount of roots or no roots, the plant will thrive in its own pot.

You can add color to your fall garden by including fruit trees. Autumn and colorful foliage usually go hand in hand, but there are also many trees that can add a decorative touch. You’ll love the amount of yellow and red berries in the colder months, and the birds in your yard will thank you for the food. Some of the best varieties to use are the holly and hawthorn.

Select a specific type of plant as the centerpiece of the garden. You now have a plant that stands out in the garden. Normally, the plants that no one else has in the neighborhood stand out.

Garden tools

Transform your tools into handy measuring equipment. Long-handled tools such as rakes and hoes can work as measuring equipment in your garden . Now you will always have a large ruler ready for use in the garden.

The advice in this article is pretty simple and pretty easy to follow. You just need to learn some basic basic techniques to garden properly. Pay close attention to your garden to see how the different plants respond to these techniques. If a new method doesn’t produce good results, try the next. Your neighbors will envy your yard if you have enough patience.


Buy a log cabin for the garden

Log cabin in the gardenlog cabin in the garden

When you have a large garden and you do not know exactly what to do with it. Then consider using a log cabin. You can store all your unnecessary things in a log cabin, or maybe even turn it into a guest house.

There are a lot of differences between log cabins. There are small log cabins that are only made for storing things. But there are also very large log cabins complete with electricity and water. So consider carefully what you want to use the log cabin for.

If you also want to use the log cabin in the winter, it can be useful to choose a log cabin that is well insulated and that has good heating. Because the walls of log houses are generally only made of thin wood, it can be quite cold in the winter which is of course not pleasant.

If you choose to take a small cabin due to the costs. Then it might be wise to buy a kit. This saves a lot of money compared to a ready-made cabin. The kit is generally easy to assemble and you don’t need many tools. A construction kit also fits easily in the car, which also saves transport costs.

If you also want to use the log cabin as a house, pay close attention to the thickness of the wood you buy. Also make sure that everything is properly impregnated. In this way, it saves a lot of problems with leaks and cold in the future.

House in the garden

An important advantage of a cabin in the garden is that the log cabin is completely shielded from the outside world. Which makes it safe if your children want to stay in the cabin for a night. This also allows you to go to sleep at night with peace of mind and not worry.

With this article you have again learned a number of useful tips. And hopefully you can make a better trade-off between certain log cabins when you decide to buy one.


Garden furniture at Retuin

Luxury garden furniture

Which garden furniture is really special to have in your garden, if budget and space are sufficient? It’s nice to think about that for a moment and let your “creative brain” think for a moment. For example, I made a list of special garden furniture made of wood, which is made from pallets to the exclusive Wana hardwood from Brazil, and garden furniture at Retuin.

Naoto Fukasawa Tititkaka Bench

Design Garden furniture

This garden furniture bench is made of teak on an aluminum frame. This beautiful garden furniture bench is based on the traditional park bench as inspiration. The designer has simulated the effect of wind over water in the waveform. These waves are not really useful for sitting comfort, but that is not necessary with such a beautiful design.

Crate furniture from Rietveld

Rietveld made the first furniture in 1934 from “crate wood”. Crate wood used to be one

Crate garden furniture Rietveld

packing material. This is how he recycles the packaging material. Rietveld’s ideology was that beauty should be accessible to everyone. In Rietveld’s starting point with regard to crate furniture, this characteristic is correct, because crate furniture is simplicity and durability.



Studio Mama’s pallet chair

A chair made from used pallets. If you start paying attention, you suddenly come across

Pallet garden furniture

wooden pallets and they are literally there for the taking. The wooden pallet chair is easy to manufacture yourself. It is smart to know how to dismantle a pallet sensibly,

Tree trunk chair

You can use a fallen tree as garden furniture. The designer, Jurgen Bey, thinks it’s an idiot to transport trees if they are available locally. So he only sells backrests. You still have to look for the fallen tree. Also a simple and sustainable concept, but not cheap: € 11,000.

Tree trunk garden furniture

Milano Bedding Kubeletto

This garden furniture is not made of wood. It’s a smart concept with some simplicity

Garden furniture

combines with different positions of the garden furniture, it can be folded into a bed, sofa or chair.

Of course it is nice to have a special piece of garden furniture, but in terms of comfort, maintenance and price it is often not convenient to have it in your garden.


Nowadays you can buy beautiful garden furniture for a good price at the better online garden centers. The online garden center sites are much cheaper than the traditional garden centers. So it is certainly smart to look online for cheap and quality garden furniture. You can take a look at, for example


Jacuzzi history

History of the Jacuzzi

In 1968, Roy Jacuzzi invented the first layout of a self-contained, fully integrated spa bath that allowed a large number of people to enjoy the relaxing effects of a Jacuzzi.


Hot Tub

In 1970, however, he created the first outdoor hot tub. With the new modern technology, he improved the design of the Jacuzzis daily and had started the development and now there are about 250 patents in all in the hot tub and spa industry.

Today Jacuzzis are normally strewn in residential homes, hotel suites, aboard cruise ships, and in spas in all parts of the world. The best way to experience a jacuzzi is to install it in your own home.

After installing the Jacuzzi in your outdoor home, you can invite family and friends to experience a special Jacuzzi vacation. So that it can become a meeting place for family and friends.

Even before modern recorded history, early man would have recognized the benefits of natural geysers, or hot springs, used for their warmth and healing power.

The ancients of 2000BC Egypt used hot baths for recreation and relaxation, and it has been claimed that Phrarotes had a hot bath in Persia in 600BC. The ancient Greeks also knew the healing values ​​of water, and often built around natural hot springs.


Early Chinese and Japanese cultures also enjoyed the therapeutic properties of water, which even led to a well-known Japanese phrase, “Mind Like Water,” which refers to those whose minds are in harmony with all that lives.

The most famous proponents of hot springs and spas were the Romans, who built settlements all over the empire around natural springs and baths. Perhaps one of the most famous is the Roman settlement in Bath, UK, which grew into a labyrinth of bathing areas and spas. Queen Elizabeth 1st historical visit to Bath in 1500 and took advantage of the softening waters there.


Garden furniture

Why garden furniture.

It is time to buy garden furniture again. Your garden can be cozy again and garden furniture or garden furniture is completely hip. Here you will find various tips to help you with the design of your garden and types of garden furniture available.

Looking for garden furniture.

You are looking for new garden furniture, perhaps a garden chair, a picnic table, containers for plants, a swing bench or a parasol. And you can use some help with this. That is why there are a few buying tips first and then you can read the tips about the types of garden furniture.

garden furniture

Buy tips for your garden furniture.

When you want to buy a new garden furniture, you can pay attention to the following points:

1. That it is weather resistant. No matter how beautiful your garden furniture is, if it quickly starts to rot or breaks, it is of little use to you. Keep in mind that the furniture is outside almost all year round and has to deal with different weather conditions. Buying a party tent (or renting it) can be the solution.

2. Make sure that the garden furniture is easy to clean.

3. Do you have enough space for garden furniture? Does the furniture fit in your garden or on the balcony, or is it too full.

4. Are the chairs or tables adjustable?

5. The budget. Keep in mind that modern garden sets cost a lot of money, even though they are completely in again. View different sets in multiple stores and compare prices, so you don’t pay too much.

Types of garden furniture:

There are of course many different types of garden furniture. Some of the most important, most common garden furniture and garden accessories can be found in the following list:

design garden furniture

  • Hammock
  • Flower boxes
  • Sunbeds
  • Deck chairs
  • Garden chair cushions
  • Garden chairs
  • Garden bench
  • Tables
  • Party tents
  • Parasols
  • Swing bench
  • Picnic tables

There are also complete garden sets for sale, where you can buy a table and chairs together.

The following words are related to garden furniture:

  • garden furniture outlet
  • garden furniture auction
  • make garden furniture
  • garden furniture brands
  • garden furniture remnants

With this article I hope to have informed you enough about garden furniture.


How to choose Ruby to be beautiful.

how to
Ruby (Ruby) A gem with a red color. Considered one of the King of Gems (Cardinal Gem), along with amethyst, sapphire, emerald and diamond, there are tales, legends and beliefs related to the way of life of human beings from ancient times and various peoples. Both as a symbol of friendship, love and vitality Elevating the mind It is also often used as an anniversary gift, big day. It is believed that the red color of the ruby ​​is full of energy that can protect the wearer from evil. It will help in feelings of happiness, luck, and compassion for others. It attracts love, good fortune, and prevents harm from all around, whether it is worn as a ring, pendant, earring, necklace, and bangle. In Chinese culture, red is also believed to be an auspicious color. Ruby is a gem that will bring fortune to its owner.
Ruby is a gemstone in the mineral group corundum. The hardness is second to diamond. By nature, rubies come in many shades. From red to pink. Bright red to purple red Red color is caused by the chromium that is inserted in the crystal structure, the red color is more or less dependent on the chromium content. The highest quality rubies in the world are those from Myanmar. It is a kind of pomegranate that is bright red. Pigeon’s blood red (pigeon’s blood red) is the most popular, and it is also a naturally born ruby ​​star that has not been refined. The sharp, natural starburst beads are considered rare and most valuable. Generally, more than 95% of rubies mined from gemstone mines are cloudy. Quite blemished and opaque, doesn’t look beautiful. It is often used to improve the quality by heating to produce a reddish color and a cleaner texture. This is the main reason why rubies that are naturally beautiful without quality enhancement are extremely rare and highly valued on the market.
When choosing a ruby, you should primarily buy a bright red gemstone. But depending on the satisfaction and taste of each person But should not be dark, black and have consistent color throughout the tablet. A ruby ​​can normally see some internal flaws, but not many, and flaws should not have a color that is too different from the color of the gemstone. It is frosted white, opaque and black crystals, and the cut has been shaped for a beautiful glow. In general, the cut pomegranate. There will be 3 main cuts: square, pawn or hump and pawn with a beautiful star. (The six-pointed star is on the bead)
Besides quality, the source of pomegranate is also an important factor affecting price. Therefore, in reputable inspection laboratories around the world, the origin or origin of the Pomegranate in the examination report sheet For the benefit of entrepreneurs who need a ruby ​​source certificate For the business of gemstones that add value to rubies as well By examining the quality of ruby ​​from the laboratory, it will be checked as follows.
1.Stigma is a defect in the ruby ​​itself. In general, clear pomegranates are rare, most of them are opaque and blemish, and cracks and other mineral blemishes are often seen. Analysis of ruby ​​from different sources
2.Light should use natural white light. The ruby ​​color should not be viewed under a fire that has a yellow or orange hue. Because pomegranates are redder than they really are The light with a blue hue will make the ruby ​​color look dull than usual
3.Analysis of trace elements in pomegranate Due to the different geological formation, each ruby ​​has a different trace element content. This can be distinguished from the determination of trace elements such as titanium, vanadium, chromium, iron, gallium, etc., which differ from each source.
4.To summarize the results, use the test result of the uncleanness. Fluorescence chemistry correlation results for determining consistency with source database established. To lead to accurate, reliable identification of origin


Ruby – King of Gems

As you know, rubies can be considered as Jewel King The ruby ​​is a mineral in the corundum family (Corundum). In addition to being red, it also has other colors, such as bright red, purple red, orange red, reddish-brown, pink, but if it is the ultimate color. The beauty of the ruby. Must red pigeon. Pigeon red, here must be a little virgin red (pure) with blue. Ruby. This is the least common and rarest of all. By the old age, it was believed that if anyone had merit and put on the ruby, it would bring stability, wealth, and prosperity. Sharp intelligence Good health, fit perfectly, Pung Pang Ever.
1. Ruby Thailand. It is known all over the world for Thai ruby ​​or Siam Ruby. Several years ago, the most common area was Border near Cambodia, the colors of rubies found in Thailand are red to reddish brown.At present, the most traded province is Chanthaburi, which is considered a major source of the world ruby ​​market. But until now, the famous good quality Siam Ruby is no longer available in Chanthaburi Province. (As if the word of good Nowadays, there are only secondary rubies that come mostly from Burma.
2. Ruby Myanmar (Burma) The most beautiful pomegranate source in the world, it is said that Mogok city is where those premium rubies fall asleep. There is also a new mine called Bo Su (Mong Shu) mine that often finds a scarlet ruby. And the ruby ​​star that appears six-pointed star glaze rolling back and forth on the surface of the gemstone Which is considered a very rare famous hero However, nowadays Burmese rubies are very rare in the world market. Due to political reasons as you are known
3. African pomegranate If you want a red and purple color, then This must be the ruby ​​from Africa that is often colorful. And there is a reddish purple sparkle within it The famous ruby-producing city in Africa is Longjido and Los Zogonoi Most of Tanzania is a small ruby. But the larger ones have appeared from Kenya. And another important source is At the Umba River (UmbaRiver), glimpse the beauty of the African Ruby from the picture below.
4. Vietnamese Ruby As mentioned above Burma, there is still Vietnam. I want to say that Vietnamese rubies are priceless as well as Burmese rubies as well. But for political reasons of Vietnam as usual That makes the Vietnamese ruby not well known and widely known. It is also controlled by the government.
5. Sri Lanka Ruby Sri Lankan Ruby or Ceylon Ruby, although the quality can not be equivalent to Burmese rubies. But still has a strong point of strength in cleanliness, color, bright, shining more than anywhere else Other properties are also included, such as fluorescent light emitting properties. And having an eye-catching stigma that is a beautiful silk thread Sri Lankan pomegranates are usually light red or purple red. The color scheme is quite bright, inviting to look at, inviting you to take out the money in your bag and buy it.


Top 5 gemstone in the world!

A gem is a valuable item that anyone wants to possess. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are many people fighting with all their might to get it And the more that gems Can make life rich It is even more risky in the minds of many people. Especially If this is the top 5 most precious gems in the world that are ranked according to the price and rarity of these excavations. Anyone who wants to have it all
5. Sapphire (Sapphire) is a gem in the Corum Dam family, has many colors in Thailand. Known sapphire as aquamarine In the past, Pailin was called “Nil Kan” by the origin of the sapphire. Comes from this type of gem mine located in Pailin province. Cambodia However, sapphire is hard and resistant, so it is commonly used in jewelry making.
4.Ruby (Ruby) is a gem in the family of sapphire red color, hardness number 9, second in hardness, second only to diamond. Making it one of the most popular gems used to make jewelry Also, the ruby ​​is known as “King of Gems” as well, which in Thailand Ruby is considered one of Nopparat or 9 sacred gems.
3. Painite is one of the rarest gems in the world because there are only a few of them, which in the past a British prospector discovered it in Myanmar. And later discovered a penite in Indonesia Penite ranges from pink to brown. Which its brown color comes from the doped iron Because of this, it is very expensive.
2. Taaffeite is another precious gemstone, ranging from white, pink, red to purple. Which taphite is several times harder to find than diamond For this reason, it makes it a very valuable gem. But because of its rarity, taphite is not widely known. And the price may not be able to compete with diamonds But it is still considered to be the most expensive jewel in the world.
1. Diamond (Diamond) is the best of the most precious gems. And the most hardness as well In fact, diamonds come in a variety of colors, including white, blue, green, orange, pink, yellow, brown, gray, purple and red. For this reason, diamonds are very popular in jewelry making. Of course, the price of diamonds is extremely high and is arguably the most expensive of all gemstones. Even though the gems mentioned above are very expensive, I believe that no other jewel is as expensive as the Nakmanee that Nakin has maintained. Because in addition to being able to possess it, because there are snakes to protect It is also a gem that gives prosperity and wealth to those who can possess it. But it will only be possible if the owner can kill all the Nakin who cared for the dead first. But if Nakin survives It will come back and take revenge. And this gem may turn into a cursed gem instead