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freedom 35 beer
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Freedom 35 beer is a Canadian lager produced by Cool Beer Brewing Company based in Etobicoke, Ontario. The beer was first brewed in 2015 and is named after the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) movement’s goal of being able to retire by age 35.

History of Freedom 35 Beer

Freedom 35 was created by entrepreneur Kevin Meens who was inspired by the FIRE movement. After learning about the concept of striving for financial independence and early retirement, Meens wanted to create a brand that embodied that lifestyle.

Meens partnered with Cool Beer Brewing Company to produce Freedom 35 and market it towards millennials seeking financial freedom. They focused on creating a light, easy-drinking lager that was affordable and could be a go-to beer for the target demographic.

Since its launch, Freedom 35 has gained a cult following, especially among millennial professionals and entrepreneurs across Canada. Its branding and marketing is centered on the ideals of the FIRE movement – freedom, financial independence, and early retirement.

Brewing and Flavor Profile

Freedom 35 is brewed as a light adjunct lager, meaning it uses supplementary grains in addition to the main malt. It is crisp and refreshing, with subtle sweetness balanced by moderate hop bitterness.

The beer has a pale golden color and a foamy white head when poured. On the nose, there are light grainy malt aromas along with subtle citrus and grassy hop notes.

Taking a sip, there is an initial malty sweetness followed by a crisp, dry finish. The mouthfeel is light and highly carbonated. The hop bitterness is restrained, providing just enough balance to the malt character.

Overall, Freedom 35 goes down smooth and easy with a 4.5% ABV. It’s an ideal hot weather beer for kicking back and relaxing.

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Branding and Marketing

Freedom 35 has branded itself as a beer for go-getters and dreamers striving for financial freedom. Its labelling and packaging feature the slogan “the pursuit of freedom” and bold colors reminiscent of the 90s.

The beer is marketed heavily on social media, sponsoring Instagram influencers and running promotions like the “35 in 5 Challenge” encouraging people to save $35,000 in 5 years.

Freedom 35 taps into the millennial desire for experiences over material goods by promoting adventures and travel in its advertising. Drinking Freedom 35 is positioned as part of living free and pursuing your dreams.

Availability and Variants

Originally only available in Ontario, Freedom 35 has expanded distribution across Canada. It can now be found in liquor stores in most provinces.

In 2021, Freedom 35 launched a new variety pack including their original lager along with a session IPA and Belgian white ale. They also introduced a line of hard seltzers in popular fruit flavors.

The expansion into new styles shows Freedom 35 adapting to consumer tastes while still maintaining its core identity and branding around freedom and financial independence.

Is Freedom 35 Worth Chasing?

For many millennials, Freedom 35 represents both a lifestyle to aspire to and a beer brand that speaks their language. The beer itself is a drinkable, reasonably priced lager – though it’s the branding that sets it apart.

Some may see Freedom 35 as just another gimmicky craft beer. But its underlying message seems to resonate with its target audience. For many, cracking open a Freedom 35 means more than just enjoying a crisp lager – it symbolizes taking steps towards their dreams.


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