How Much to Rent a Bounce House: A Comprehensive Guide

how much to rent a bounce house
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Planning a party or event for your little ones and considering adding some extra fun with a bounce house? The first question that likely comes to mind is, “How much to rent a bounce house?” In this guide, we’ll explore the factors influencing bounce house rental prices, provide insights into the types of bounce houses available, answer popular FAQs, and help you make an informed decision for your next celebration.

Types of Bounce Houses

Bounce houses come in various shapes, sizes, and themes, catering to different preferences and event themes. Understanding the types available can help you choose the perfect one for your occasion.

1. Classic Bounce Houses: Classic bounce houses are the go-to option for many events. They come in a variety of themes and sizes, providing a basic, bouncy space for kids to enjoy.

2. Combo Bounce Houses: Combo bounce houses combine additional features like slides, obstacle courses, and interactive elements. These are ideal if you want to offer more entertainment beyond bouncing.

3. Water Bounce Houses: Perfect for hot summer days, water bounce houses incorporate a water slide or water features, transforming a regular bounce house into a refreshing water activity.

4. Themed Bounce Houses: Themed bounce houses add a special touch to your event, featuring popular characters, movies, or specific designs that align with your party’s theme.

Factors Influencing Bounce House Rental Prices

Several factors contribute to the cost of renting a bounce house. Understanding these factors can help you estimate the budget for your event.

1. Size of the Bounce House: Larger bounce houses typically cost more to rent. Consider the available space at your venue and the number of children expected to determine the appropriate size.

2. Duration of Rental: Most rental companies offer hourly rates. Longer rental durations may offer better value, so plan your event schedule accordingly.

3. Additional Features: If you opt for a combo bounce house or one with extra features like slides or interactive elements, expect to pay a higher price than for a classic bounce house.

4. Location: Rental prices can vary based on your location. Urban areas may have higher prices due to demand and operating costs.

5. Weekday vs. Weekend: Some rental companies offer discounted rates for weekday rentals. If your schedule allows, consider hosting your event on a weekday to save on costs.

Can adults use bounce houses?

While bounce houses are primarily designed for children, many models can accommodate adults to varying degrees. It’s crucial to follow the weight and height guidelines provided by the rental company.

Are bounce houses safe?

When used as directed and supervised, bounce houses are generally safe. Ensure proper anchoring, follow safety guidelines, and designate a responsible adult to monitor the activity.

Can bounce houses be set up indoors?

Yes, many bounce houses can be set up indoors, provided there is enough ceiling height. Be sure to confirm with the rental company and choose an appropriate space.

How far in advance should I book a bounce house?

It’s advisable to book a bounce house well in advance, especially during peak party seasons. Aim to book at least a few weeks ahead to secure your preferred date and bounce house type.

Are delivery and setup included in the rental price?

Delivery and setup are typically included in the rental price, but it’s essential to confirm this with the rental company. Some may charge additional fees for delivery to certain locations.


In conclusion, the cost of renting a bounce house varies based on factors such as size, duration, features, location, and the day of the week. To ensure a memorable and safe experience, choose a bounce house that suits your event’s theme and the age group of the participants. Don’t forget to book in advance, follow safety guidelines, and have a fantastic, bouncy celebration!

Whether you’re organizing a birthday party, school event, or neighborhood gathering, renting a bounce house adds an element of joy and excitement that will have everyone bouncing with delight.


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