How to Contact Fashion Nova Customer Support

how to contact shein customer service
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Wondering how to get in touch with the customer service team at Fashion Nova? The popular online women’s fashion retailer offers several convenient contact methods to reach their customer support for any questions, concerns, or issues with your order.

Contact By Phone

Fashion Nova provides a customer service phone number to reach their support team directly. For the fastest service and to avoid long wait times, it’s best to call during regular business hours. The fashion retailer is based in California, so aim to call between 8 AM and 5 PM Pacific Time for the shortest hold times.

You can find the exact customer service phone number printed on your packing slips, order confirmations, and return labels. If you no longer have one of these handy, a quick web search should pull up the number as well.

Call Center Hours

While Fashion Nova does have extended call center hours to assist customers globally, aim to phone during Pacific Time business hours for speedier assistance. Peak call volume typically occurs at the start and end of standard business hours. Calling during the late morning or early afternoon may mean you spend less time on hold.

how do i contact fashion nova customer service
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What to Have Ready

Before dialing the Fashion Nova support line, have your order invoice pulled up or make sure you have your order number accessible. Any relevant order details will help expedite your call and enable support agents to easily access your account information.

You’ll also want to formulate your question or issue beforehand so you can concisely explain your situation once connected with an agent. Outlining the specifics ahead of time prevents confusion and makes for more efficient service.

Chat With an Agent

In addition to calling Fashion Nova’s customer service line, you also have the option to chat with a support representative online. To start a live chat:

1. Visit and click the “Customer Service” link in the footer

2. Select the “Live Chat” button

3. Briefly explain your issue when prompted

4. You’ll then enter the queue to be connected with the next available agent

The online chat feature allows you to multitask while you wait for an agent, as opposed to waiting on hold over the phone. However, call times tend to be faster overall. Use whichever contact method best fits your needs in the moment.

how to contact fashion nova customer service
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Additional Contact Options

Along with phone and chat support, Fashion Nova also provides customers with contact options like email and social media. Reaching out over email or platforms like Twitter and Facebook may take longer to receive a response, but can still be a useful alternative if you have general questions or aren’t in a rush.

Check Order Status Online

Before reaching out to customer service, the easiest first step is always to review your order details directly through your online account dashboard. Here, you can:

– Check current order status
– View estimated delivery dates
– See tracking information
– Access return forms or invoices
– Print extra copies of the paperwork

Accessing your order information online is the fastest way to immediately find details instead of waiting to speak to an agent. But customer service remains available to further assist if you have any other questions or concerns.

In conclusion, contacting Fashion Nova’s customer support team is easy through phone, live chat, email, or social media. For the fastest service, call during Pacific Time business hours and have your order details available for reference.


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