How to Decorate an Entertainment Center

how to decorate an entertainment center

The entertainment center is often the focal point of a living room, housing the TV, stereo, game consoles, DVD player, and more. Decorating this space creatively and functionally can bring harmony to your whole room. Read on for tips on styling your media console or entertainment unit.

Play with Proportion

When arranging furnishings and décor on your entertainment stand, aim for proper scale and proportion to create a natural look. Oversized vases or artwork can dwarf the area, while too many small accessories creates clutter. Mix midsize and small decorative pieces for balance.

Light It Up

Proper lighting sets the mood of your entire living room. Install cabinet lighting inside your media console to illuminate components. You can also place table lamps or floor lamps nearby to cast an ambient glow without glare on the TV screen.

entertainment center decoration ideas

Add Pops of Color

Liven up a neutral entertainment center with shots of vibrant color via accessories, art, flowers, and more. Try a bold painting over the unit, patterned pillows on the sofa, ceramics and glassware throws, and fresh flowers or plants. The colors will make your system the focal attraction.

Hide the Clutter

Conceal media clutter like cords, wires, DVDs, and gaming accessories inside closed cabinetry or baskets. Not only does this provide a cleaner look, but it also protects valuable media from dust, fingerprints, and scratches. Label the interior of the cabinets to keep them organized.

What are some good entertainment center decoration ideas?

Some top ways to decorate your entertainment center include using photos, art, greenery, collections, accent lighting, concealed storage, and pops of color via accessories. Arrange items symmetrically for pleasant sightlines.

What should you avoid when styling an entertainment console?

Too many tiny items or overscaling with giant pieces are common errors. Be sure not to block important components like the TV or speakers. Overcrowding the top surface is another mistake making systems appear cluttered.

Where should I place lamps around a media unit?

Lamps work well on side tables next to seating areas angled towards the TV. Tall floor lamps can also flank the entertainment center to cast ambient light without glare. Just avoid placing lamps directly on top of the console.

how to decorate a entertainment center

Should I decorate both the interior and exterior of my media cabinet?

Yes, smartly decorate both the inside and outside of your entertainment center. Use the interior cabinet space to neatly hide electronic components, DVD/game collections, and cords from view. Then style the exterior top surface with decorative accents to create a put-together look.

What types of items can I display on my entertainment stand?

Photos, art, sculptures, live plants, ceramics/glassware, small shelves, covered boxes, candleholders, baskets, and collectibles like seashells, figurines, or framed butterflies work beautifully. Arrange both decorative and functional items.

In conclusion, decorating your entertainment center creatively promotes harmony throughout the living room. Follow basic design principles like scale, balance, and color when styling media consoles and entertainment units. Proper lighting and concealed storage are also key. With a decorative yet functional entertainment zone, you’re sure to spend more quality time enjoying media as the focal point of household gatherings.


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