How to Make an Old Fashioned Cocktail

how to make an old fashioned cocktail
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The old-fashioned is a classic whiskey cocktail that has stood the test of time. Consisting of just a few key ingredients, it’s one of the easiest yet most delicious cocktails to make at home.

Choosing the Whiskey

The most important ingredient in an old-fashioned is the whiskey itself. Traditionally an old fashioned is made with bourbon, a style of American whiskey made primarily from corn. However, you can also use rye whiskey or even Scotch. The key is to avoid lighter blended whiskeys and instead opt for a high-quality, aged spirit that can stand up to other strong flavors.

Building in the Glass

An old fashioned is constructed directly in the glass it’s served in, usually a rocks or lowball glass. Start by placing a sugar cube in the glass and soaking it with 2-3 dashes of Angostura bitters, a concentrated herbal liquor that adds complexity. Use a cocktail spoon or bar spoon to muddle and gently crush the sugar cube while coating it with the bitters.

Adding the Whiskey

Next, add your preferred whiskey. Typically 2 ounces is used for a standard cocktail, but feel free to adjust to taste. The sugar and bitters help balance and enhance the flavors of the whiskey rather than covering them up. Add a large ice cube or sphere to the glass to chill the cocktail without overdiluting it.

how do you make the drink old fashioned
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Finishing Touches

Finish your old-fashioned by gently stirring everything together to blend and properly chill. Express the oils of a piece of citrus peel over the top before dropping it in; lemon and orange are classic choices. Finally, garnish with a cocktail cherry.

Tips for the Best Old Fashioned

– Use a high-proof bourbon or rye whiskey so the cocktail doesn’t get overly diluted. Look for bottled-in-bond varieties.

– Make your own simple syrup rather than using plain sugar for easier mixing.

– Try different bitters like orange or chocolate to put a unique spin on the cocktail.


What kind of glass do you serve an old fashioned in?

An old fashioned is traditionally served in a rocks or lowball glass filled with ice cubes or a large ice sphere. This allows you to stir and chill the cocktail properly.

What’s the difference between an old-fashioned and a Manhattan?

While they’re similar whiskey cocktails, an old-fashioned one is made with whiskey, sugar, and bitters. A Manhattan also includes sweet vermouth as a key ingredient.

Do you put ice in an old-fashioned?

Yes, an old-fashioned is built and served over ice. Large cubes are preferred as they chill the cocktail without excess dilution. Simply stirring over ice helps properly blend and chill an old-fashioned.

In conclusion, the beauty of the old-fashioned lies in its simplicity. By learning how to select the right whiskey and balance sweet and strong flavors, you can easily master this enduring classic.


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