How to Message on Ashley Madison Without Paying

how to message on ashley madison without paying

Ashley Madison is an online dating site catering to married individuals looking for discreet affairs. While signup is free, you need credits to unlock most features on the site including sending messages. Here are some tips to message other members without having to pay on Ashley Madison:

Get Free Credits from Referrals

One way to earn free credits is through their referral program. When you refer a friend to Ashley Madison, both of you get 100 free credits. With 100 credits, you can send and read around 20 messages. So getting friends to join through your referral link is a good way to accumulate credits and message for free.

Respond to Messages

While sending the first message requires credits, you can respond to messages sent to you for free. So instead of initiating conversations, focus on replying to messages you receive. Engage the other person, keep the conversation going and wait for them to send another message you can respond to. This back and forth exchange allows you to message without having to pay.

Use Chat

Ashley Madison has a chat feature that allows members to chat for free. You can use this to have real-time text conversations without spending credits. However, the catch is that you can only chat with members who are online at the same time. But it does provide another avenue to connect and message without paying.

Comment on Profiles

You are allowed to leave comments on other member’s profiles for free. While not the same as a personalized message, you can use profile comments to express interest and give them a reason to message you. Leave thoughtful compliments or remarks that will catch their attention.

Use Winks

Winking at members is a way to break the ice and show you are interested. While winks are generally used by male members, anyone can send them for free. A wink is not a message, but it may prompt the recipient to send you an actual message. Think of it as a way to get your foot in the door before making a credit-based introduction.

Wait For Happy Hour

Ashley Madison sometimes offers 1-2 hours of free messaging as a promo. This is commonly referred to as “Happy Hour” and is a great time to message members without credits. Keep an eye out for happy hours, usually advertised via email and online. When they are available, take advantage and send as many messages as you can for free.

Read Messages Carefully

Many members send shortcuts or abbreviations like “msg me” instead of writing full messages. Read carefully, as you may find instructions or prompts to message outside the site for free. Responding and moving the conversation offline can lead to free communication.

Utilize Your Profile

You can make your profile encourage others to message you first. This includes having an eye-catching headline, attractive photo, and clear call-to-actions asking viewers to message you. Describe your ideal match and say you prefer they message first. A well-crafted profile can get you free inbound messages.

The key is maximizing the free tools like chat, comments, winks, and referrals to interact without paying credits for sending messages. With some finesse, you can communicate and even arrange meetups without ever having to pay on Ashley Madison. Just utilize the options above to start messaging discreetly and for free.


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