How to Put on a Wig Cap

how to put on a wig cap
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Wearing wigs is a great way to change up your look or protect your natural hair. But in order to keep your wig secure and comfortable, you’ll need to wear a wig cap underneath. A wig cap creates a smooth barrier between your scalp and the wig itself. This prevents friction, slipping, and irritation. Putting on a proper wig cap only takes a few simple steps.

Start with clean, product-free hair. Make sure your natural hair is free of oils, gels, and sprays before putting on the wig cap. Any residual products can prevent the cap from adhering properly. Fully brush out knots or tangles beforehand as well.

Choose the right wig cap. Wig caps come in nylon, silk, and mesh styles. Mesh and nylon stretch caps tend to stay put best for shorter styles. Silk caps may work better for those wearing long, heavy wigs. Opt for a cap color that matches your scalp or wig interior for optimal discretion.

Position the wig cap correctly. Center the smooth side of the wig cap on the crown of your head. Then gently unroll the cap forward to your hairline. The rough seam edge should align with your natural hairline. Pull the cap taught but not painfully tight.

how to put on a wig cap long hair
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Secure the wig cap ends. At the nape of your neck, tuck any loose cap material under and pin in place. On your forehead, you can trim off any excess material so it sits flush with the hairline. Use bobby pins to securely anchor the front of the cap.

Check for wrinkles and bubbles. Smooth out any creases or bumps on the surface of the wig cap. Folds can lead to uncomfortable pressure points under the wig. Run your hands over the cap to ensure it lays flat everywhere.

Tie down perimeter edges (optional). Those wearing full lace wigs sometimes add an extra layer of security with an elastic wig band. Placed over the wig cap perimeter, it presses the edges securely against the skin.

Apply wig grip spray or strips if needed. If your cap still lacks grip, use wig tape or glue along the edges. Or spray the cap lightly with a wig grip product. Let the adhesive fully dry before putting on the wig itself.

With the right wig cap and technique, your wig will stay put comfortable all day long. Taking the time to ensure a smooth, crease-free fit under the wig makes all the difference. Changing up your look with a wig should feel fun and fabulous, not slippery and stressful. So don’t be afraid to adjust and experiment until you get the perfect wig cap fit.


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