How to Start a Roadside Assistance Business Without Towing

how to start a roadside assistance business without towing
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Starting a roadside assistance business can be a great opportunity for those with an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to help stranded motorists. With more vehicles on the road, the demand for roadside assistance continues to grow. The best part is you can get started without investing in tow trucks or other expensive equipment.

Determine Your Services

A roadside assistance business without towing focuses more on minor repairs and jumpstarts. Common services include:

– Battery jump starts
– Flat tire changes
– Lockout services
– Fuel delivery
– Minor mechanical repairs

Focus your business model around providing mobile on-site help for issues that don’t require towing. Make it clear in all marketing materials exactly which services you offer.

Get Proper Licensing

Check with your state and local municipality about licensing requirements for a roadside assistance business. Most areas require a standard business license. However, you may need to register with the state transportation/motor vehicle department. Some states require special operating authority similar to tow trucks and auto repair shops. Always follow applicable regulations.

You’ll also need a reliable insured vehicle properly equipped with safety tools and equipment. This includes flashers, cones, signs, jumper cables, jack, spare tires, etc. Proper insurance is mandatory to protect yourself from liability. Contact carriers that specialize in auto-related businesses.

how to start a roadside assistance business without towing

Build a Talented Team

A mobile roadside business requires qualified technicians who can provide prompt professional service. Technicians should have auto maintenance experience and feel comfortable performing roadside repairs. Look for those with customer service skills able to work independently and represent your brand.

Provide uniforms, fully stocked vehicles, tablets/phones, and training on policies and procedures. Implement a fair compensation structure and give technicians the tools they need to succeed.

Market and Advertise

Spread the word about your new roadside assistance business through digital and traditional marketing. Start with a professional website highlighting your key areas of service. Make sure it’s mobile friendly so drivers can easily view it from their phone.

Create social media accounts to connect with potential customers in your area. Use targeted Facebook ads to get your service in front of local drivers. Print flyers and business cards to hand out at gas stations, parking lots, car shows and other high-traffic areas.

Partner with tow truck companies, auto repair shops and similar businesses. Offer referral bonuses when they send customers your way that don’t require towing. You can build an effective referral network over time.

how to start my own roadside assistance business
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Offer Competitive Rates

Pricing will depend on your specific services, competition and overhead costs. Come up with fair rates clients will be willing to pay for fast, professional on-site assistance. Disclose all rates upfront and avoid surprise fees. Be flexible by offering package deals, loyalty programs and discounts to regular customers.

Provide Exceptional Service

Building a base of loyal repeat customers is crucial to success. Always arrive quickly at job sites in a clearly marked vehicle. Technicians should maintain a polite, helpful demeanor. Have the equipment and skills needed to get the vehicle safely up and running.

Follow up after the fact to ensure customers are satisfied. Ask for reviews and testimonials to help establish credibility. Keep fine-tuning your offerings based on feedback to stand out from competitors.


Starting a roadside assistance business without towing capabilities opens up an affordable avenue to entrepreneurship. Focus on providing prompt, reliable service for minor issues faced by stranded motorists. With proper planning and execution, you can build a reputation as the go-to roadside assistance provider in your area.


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