How to Tame Your Beast Husbands

how to tame your beast husbands

Marriage can be challenging at times, especially when your husband seems to have turned into a beast. Dealing with a grumpy, stubborn, or angry spouse requires patience and wisdom. Though it may seem impossible, you can tame your beast husband by understanding what drives his behavior and responding appropriately.

Identify the Root Cause

The first step is uncovering what makes your husband act like a beast. Stress at work, health problems or financial struggles could be putting him on edge. Maybe he feels disrespected or unappreciated. Have an open, non-judgmental talk to get to the root of his inner turmoil. Once you know the cause, you can better address the issue.

Set Healthy Boundaries

Your husband’s bad attitude doesn’t give him a license to mistreat you. Calmly but firmly set boundaries about what is acceptable behavior in your relationship. Make sure he knows you won’t tolerate hurtful words, criticism, neglect, or other toxic conduct. Though setting limits, remind him you love him but won’t enable dysfunction.

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Use Positive Reinforcement

Carrots work better than sticks when taming beasts. When your husband demonstrates good behavior, even in small ways, make sure to praise him and express your appreciation. Positive reinforcement for acts of kindness, listening without judgment or managing anger will encourage more of those behaviors.

Avoid Provoking Defensiveness

Well-intentioned concerns can come across as criticism, provoking your husband’s inner beast. Bring up issues gently and without blaming him. Use “I feel” statements to share your perspective without causing him to become defensive or blow up. validate his feelings even when you disagree with his actions.

Make Time to Connect

Reconnecting with your spouse’s inner human will help tame his beastly outward actions. Set aside time each day to check in, share activities you both enjoy, and express affection. Simple gestures like a hug, loving note, or sincere compliment can melt away a gruff exterior. Don’t neglect fun date nights to keep the spark alive.

Be Patient and Consistent

Progress taming your husband’s beastly ways will take time and consistent effort. There will be setbacks and blow-ups along the way. But by sticking to healthy boundaries, positive reinforcement, non-confrontational communication, and quality time, you can gradually chip away at his prickly behaviors. With God’s help, your unconditional love can reveal the wonderful man you married.

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Some common questions about taming beastly spouses are:

How can I get my husband to respect my boundaries? Set clear expectations and consequences if he violates them. However, follow through calmly, not out of anger.

What if my husband refuses to discuss issues? Tell him you want to understand his feelings and make things better. Suggest counseling if he won’t open up.

What do I do when he has outbursts? Leave the situation until he calms down. Then revisit the issue in a caring but direct way.

How do I respond to hurtful remarks? Say “I won’t tolerate unkind words” then walk away. Later express how it made you feel.

How long will it take to see improvement? Be patient and consistent. Change takes time but keep reinforcing positive behaviors.

In conclusion, transforming a beastly husband back into the man you love is challenging but possible. With wisdom, boundaries, reinforcement, gentle communication, and quality time, you can tame his inner beasts and strengthen your marriage. Approach the process prayerfully and don’t give up. Every couple faces rough patches, but your steadfast love and God’s grace can inspire change.


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