How to Tell if a Bipolar Man Loves You

how to tell if a bipolar man loves you
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Bipolar disorder is a mental health condition characterized by extreme shifts in mood and energy levels. A person with bipolar disorder experiences periods of mania (elevated moods, hyperactivity, and impulsivity) and periods of depression (low mood, low energy, loss of interest in activities).

When in a relationship with someone who has bipolar disorder, it can sometimes be challenging to discern their true feelings. The mood episodes associated with bipolar can make emotions seem amplified or muted. However, there are some signs to look out for to determine if a bipolar man genuinely cares for you.

Communication is Open and Honest

A key indicator of love and commitment is open and honest communication. A bipolar man who loves you will share his innermost thoughts and feelings with you, even when he is struggling. He will confide in you about his bipolar symptoms and treatment. You’ll be able to have deep, vulnerable conversations.

Of course, there may still be times when communication becomes strained during mood episodes. But in general, he will try to maintain open communication and will return to it once an episode has passed.

how to love a bipolar man
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He is Invested in Treatment

Bipolar disorder requires lifelong management. A man who loves you will be diligent about his treatment so he can live a healthy, stable life with you. This includes taking medication consistently, going to therapy, avoiding drugs and alcohol, getting enough sleep, etc.

He does this not only for himself, but because he wants to be the best partner for you that he can be. He understands his disorder impacts you too and is motivated to manage it.

You are Included in His Life

A sign of true commitment from a bipolar partner is wanting you involved in all aspects of his life. This includes family, friends, career, interests, etc. He considers you an integral part of his support system and wants you to know the people closest to him.

Making you part of his life also shows he is not ashamed of his bipolar disorder. He wants the people he loves to know and understand this part of himself.

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He Prioritizes the Relationship

Life with bipolar disorder can be unpredictable at times. So if your partner is truly invested in the relationship, he will make it a priority even during the highs and lows.

For example, he will make an effort to maintain date night routines even if he’s feeling depressed. Or he will include you in social activities with friends during periods of mania when he prefers going out. He puts in work to nurture the relationship.

He Expresses Love and Affection Consistently

While mood episodes may cause fluctuations in expressiveness temporarily, a man in love will still find ways to express his love and affection for you consistently. He says “I love you,” gives thoughtful gifts or cards just because, displays physical affection, and compliments you meaningfully.

His expressions of love may look a bit different depending on his mood state, but the underlying sentiment remains. He wants you to feel loved.

Overall, a bipolar man who genuinely cares for you will show it through open communication, commitment to treatment, efforts to include you in his life, prioritizing the relationship, and consistent expressions of love and affection. It may require some extra patience and understanding from you at times, but with effort and compassion from both partners, a healthy relationship is absolutely possible. Most importantly, know you deserve to be loved fully and unconditionally.


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