How to Use Fake Pee

how to use fake pee

Using fake urine, also known as synthetic urine, can be an effective way to pass a urine drug test if done properly. With the right preparation and execution, substituting fake pee for your own can help you pass your test with flying colors.

Choosing Your Fake Urine

Not all fake urine is created equal. You’ll want to choose a reputable brand known for mimicking the composition, appearance, foaming, smell and temperature of real human urine. Look for synthetic urine that contains uric acid and urea in levels comparable to human urine. The product should come with heating activating powder to bring the liquid to body temperature before the test.

Preparing the Urine Sample

Once you’ve obtained a high-quality synthetic urine kit, the next step is preparing the sample. First, remove the fake pee from the refrigeration at least an hour before the test. This allows it to gradually warm up to near body temperature. Next, activate the heating powder per the product instructions to bring it to around 98-100 degrees Fahrenheit. The sample needs to register as fresh, human urine on the test strip.

how to use fake pee to pass a drug test
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Using the Proper Container

The fake pee must be smuggled into the test site in a small, sealable container that can withstand body heat. Medicine-style plastic or glass bottles work well. You’ll also need something like a hand warmer to wrap around the container to maintain the urine temperature while traveling to the test site. Practice walking around with the container in your pocket to get used to the setup.

Executing the Switch

When you enter the bathroom to give your sample, make sure you have privacy. Take the fake urine container out and remove the warmer. Unscrew the lid and carefully pour the synthetic urine into the collection cup provided. The sample should be around 100 degrees F – if not, run hot water over the cup for a minute to bring up the temperature before handing it over. Avoid overfilling the collection cup.

Maintaining Consistency

The final key is mimicking the normal behaviors that accompany real urine sample provision. Flush the unused fake urine and bottle down the toilet to avoid detection. Wash your hands thoroughly like you just gave a real sample. Act normal, not overly anxious or nervous. With the right fake pee and proper execution, you can pass that drug screening.

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How long does fake pee last before it goes bad?

Unopened fake urine can last 1-2 years when properly stored before the quality degrades. Once opened, it lasts around 6 months. Always check expiration dates and only buy from reputable sellers.

What happens if fake pee is too cold or hot?

If fake urine registers far below body temperature, it will raise red flags that the sample was tampered with or not fresh. If it’s too hot, over 105 F, it suggests the sample was artificially heated and adulterated. Stick as close to 98-100 F as possible.

Can fake urine be detected by drug test labs?

High-quality synthetic urine like Quick Fix is formulated to contain all the compounds, chemicals and attributes of real human urine. As long as the sample looks, smells, and is the right temperature, labs cannot definitively determine if urine is fake or not.


Using fake urine for a drug test can work if handled properly. Do your research, acquire a quality product, practice the setup, and maintain the right temperature. With care and caution, substituting fake pee is an effective way to pass that upcoming urine screening and avoid detection.


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