How to Watch 2000 Mules on Roku

how to watch 2000 mules on roku

2000 Mules is a controversial documentary film that investigates allegations of voter fraud during the 2020 United States presidential election. Directed by conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza, 2000 Mules claims to have evidence of illegal ballot harvesting during the election, accusing left-wing organizations of coordinating schemes to submit fraudulent ballots.

The film has stirred significant debate since its release in early May 2022. Supporters argue it provides smoking gun evidence of election irregularities, while critics dismiss its claims as debunked conspiracy theories.

Regardless of one’s views on the film’s controversial assertions, many are interested in watching 2000 Mules to make up their own minds about its purported evidence and conclusions. For those with a Roku device, here are some ways to view the documentary:

Renting or Buying on The Roku Channel

Perhaps the easiest way to watch 2000 Mules on Roku is to rent or purchase it directly through The Roku Channel. The documentary is available for a 48-hour rental in HD quality for $6.99. You can also buy the film to permanently add it to your Roku account library for $19.99.

Once rented or purchased, you can stream 2000 Mules directly within The Roku Channel app on your Roku device. Purchasing also gives you access to stream the documentary through The Roku Channel on web browsers or mobile devices when logged into your Roku account.

how to watch 2000 mules on roku tv

Locast Streaming

Another option is to try streaming 2000 Mules through Locast, a nonprofit service that provides access to local over-the-air broadcast stations in select U.S. markets. Some Locast affiliates broadcasted the documentary upon its May release.

The service is technically free but does prompt periodic donations. You can access Locast on Roku through the Locast app, but availability varies by geographic location. Check their website first to confirm if Locast streams in your area.

Screen Mirroring your Mobile Device

If you purchased or rented 2000 Mules through a service like iTunes, Prime Video, Vudu or Youtube, you may be able to screen mirror the documentary from your compatible mobile device to your Roku.

With iPhone or iPad, activate screen mirroring through the Control Center. On Android, enable wireless screen mirroring through the Quick Settings panel. Your Roku will then display mirrored content playing on your mobile device. Quality and lag may vary.

how to watch 2000 mules on roku tv for free

USB Drive

Some enterprising owners of the documentary have uploaded 2000 Mules to websites for digital download. If comfortable obtaining the film this way, you can download it to a USB drive and play it on your Roku through the Roku Media Player channel.

This involves transferring the video file into a designated “Roku” folder on the USB drive so the Media Player channel recognizes it. Quality and reliability may be hit or miss based on the download source.

In summary, Roku offers several pathways for viewing the controversial documentary 2000 Mules at home. Your options range from rental/purchase through The Roku Channel, streaming via Locast, screen mirroring your mobile device, or downloading the film to a USB drive. Each has their pros and cons, but using one of these methods should enable you to watch on your preferred Roku device. Decide which works best based on your location, budget and technical preferences.


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