The Latest in Denim Fashion Trends

denim fashion trends
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Denim is a wardrobe staple that never seems to go out of style. However, the world of denim is constantly evolving with new looks, fabrics, cuts, and washes. Recently, some exciting trends have emerged in the denim fashion space that offers both style and comfort.

Old Favorites With A Twist

Skinny and slim jeans have reigned supreme in denim fashion for over a decade. However, many brands are now putting modern twists on these old favorites. For example, slim jeans with released hems add a bit of volume while maintaining a slender silhouette. High-waisted skinnies paired with crop tops play up proportions. Subtle distressing and new navy hues also freshen up skinny and slim denim styles.

Wider Leg Variety

While slim jeans are still popular, wider-leg varieties are making a major comeback. Brands are offering everything from gently flared jeans to dramatic bell bottoms. This expanded trouser territory provides more room through the hips and thighs while creating a chic, retro vibe. Cropped wide legs are an especially big trend that pairs well with heels or chunky sneakers.

denim fashion trends 2024
Photo: Pexels

Sustainable Fabrics

Eco-conscious fabrics like organic cotton, recycled denim, and Tencel are growing in popularity. These materials have a lower environmental impact compared to conventional denim. Tencel is made from wood cellulose, while recycled denim gives old jeans new life. Brands using such fabrics tout their environmental credentials to attract the conscious consumer.

1970s Revival Styling

Many modern denim brands are taking inspiration from 1970s-style icons. High-rise flared jeans, bell bottoms, and bootcut legs embody the decade’s laidback attitude and free-flowing cuts. Natural-looking washes along with embroidered and eclectic patchwork details reinforce the ’70s vibe. Paired with crop tops or oversized sweaters, this throwback look epitomizes boho-chic.

Athleisure Meets Denim

The athleisure trend has paved the way for stretchier, performance-based denim fabrics. This has led to the emergence of “jeggings” – jeans meeting leggings. Such styles boast exceptional comfort without compromising style. They move fluidly with the body, holding their shape all day long. This is appealing to those with an active lifestyle looking for durable, flexible denim.

Denim innovation seems to be hitting new heights lately with sustainable materials and throwback styles shaking up classic looks. While slim and skinny varieties still have devotees, expanded trouser shapes are stealing some of the spotlight. Ultimately, denim continues to satisfy the inner fashionista in all of us.


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