The Roaring Lion of Lionsgate

the roaring lion of lionsgate
Photo: Pexels

The iconic logo for Lionsgate Entertainment features a roaring lion atop a mountain with the word “Lionsgate” in bold letters underneath. This powerful image encapsulates the studio’s ambition and fearlessness when taking on new projects and building its extensive film and television library.

A Brief History

Lionsgate was founded in Vancouver, Canada in 1997. The fledgling studio needed a logo that would stand out and signify its intention to make some noise in Hollywood. The founders settled on featuring a roaring lion to imply the young company aimed to be the king of the media jungle.

Over two decades later, Lionsgate has backed up the bold promise of its logo. The studio is responsible for acclaimed, award-winning projects spanning different genres from hard-hitting dramas like Monster to raunchy comedies such as The Hangover trilogy.

Why a Lion?

The lion is known as the king of beasts and conjures up attributes like strength, power, dominance and confidence. Lionsgate wanted a logo reflecting the studio’s scrappy, fearless spirit as it looked to thrive in the competitive entertainment industry.

the roaring lion of lionsgate
Photo: Pexels

The image of the big cat roaring also implies Lionsgate wants its content to have a mighty voice that demands attention and interest. Whether it is the sound of Jennifer Lawrence’s battle cry in The Hunger Games or Keanu Reeves bellowing forcefully in John Wick, Lionsgate strives for its movies to resonate loudly in culture.

The Mountain Setting

The logo’s lion stands nobly atop a mountain, further emphasizing Lionsgate’s position as a peak entertainment brand. Mountains represent overcoming immense challenges on the way to reaching new heights.

The terrain echoes Lionsgate’s underdog beginnings as a small indie company that managed to scale to new summits of success through smart investments, creative risks, and compelling storytelling. Now, Lionsgate sits comfortably as one of the major Hollywood studios.


For over 20 years, the classic Lionsgate logo has stood for ambition, confidence, and rising above the competition. The roaring lion atop the mountain will likely continue inspiring the studio to keep taking bold risks and making noise as an industry leader for years to come. Whether it is finding the next Hunger Games film franchise or acquiring the rights to produce a buzzworthy podcast, expect Lionsgate to charge forward fearlessly like the big cat atop its logo.


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