What’s Included in the Sports Entertainment TV Package?

sports entertainment tv package
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For sports fans looking to catch all the games and analysis shows, a sports entertainment TV package offers great value. These packages compile sports channels across multiple networks to provide access to a wide variety of sporting events and programming. But what exactly is included?

Coverage of Major Sports Leagues

Sports entertainment packages provide coverage of all the major professional sports leagues. This usually includes channels dedicated to the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, soccer leagues, and more. With these sports-focused channels, fans can watch live games, catch highlights and commentary shows, and keep up with news from their favorite leagues.

Regional Sports Networks

In addition to national sports networks, most packages also include regional sports channels. These channels broadcast games and commentary shows focused on local professional and college teams. So whether you root for teams in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, or elsewhere, you’ll be able to tune into the regional sports network that covers your area.

what channels are included in entertainment package
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Niche Sports Channels

Beyond the major American sports leagues, packages may also include channels covering golf, tennis, extreme sports, horse racing, and more. So if you want to branch out and explore new sports, you’ll have plenty of options to do so.

Which Networks Are Typically Included?

Some of the most commonly included networks in sports packages include ESPN, Fox Sports, NBC Sports Network, NFL Network, MLB Network, NBA TV, NHL Network, Golf Channel, CBS Sports Network, and the PAC-12 Network. However, availability can vary between providers. Be sure to check exactly which channels are offered before signing up.

What About Premium Channels?

Most standard sports packages do not include premium channels like NFL RedZone. These channels provide special coverage, like NFL RedZone’s live look-ins during Sunday afternoon games, but require an upgrade or add-on. Some providers may offer premium channels bundled together at a discounted rate.

Are Any Sports Blacked Out?

Sports blackout rules can occasionally restrict certain live games from being televised in local markets. This is done to encourage ticket sales and in-person attendance. So before signing up, be aware that some live games for local teams may be blacked out in your area.

The bottom line is that while included channels can vary between providers, sports entertainment packages offer fans a convenient way to access both national and regional sports coverage. If you love keeping up with a wide range of leagues and teams, a sports add-on is a great option to ensure you never miss a game.


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