When is New York Fashion Week

when is new york fashion week
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New York Fashion Week is one of the biggest annual fashion events in the world, showcasing the latest collections from top designers. Held in February and September each year, New York Fashion Week features runway shows, exhibitions, pop-up shops, and parties across New York City.

When exactly does New York Fashion Week happen? The dates vary slightly each year, but it is generally held in early February and again in early September. The February shows preview the Fall/Winter collections, while the September shows highlight the Spring/Summer lines.

February New York Fashion Week

For 2023, New York Fashion Week is being held from February 10-15. This covers the Fall 2023 ready-to-wear collections that buyers and press will view for the first time. There are dozens of runway shows and presentations held all over the city.

September New York Fashion Week

The Spring 2024 collections will debut at New York Fashion Week in September 2023. The exact dates have not been confirmed yet, but New York Fashion Week usually occurs in the first or second week of September. Like the February edition, the September 2023 shows will take place over 5-6 days.

when is new york fashion week 2024
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Where Does New York Fashion Week Take Place?

While it is called New York Fashion Week, shows and events are hosted at venues all over Manhattan. Some of the main locations include Spring Studios, Pier 59 Studios, and Gallery at Skylight Modern. There are also many shows held in unique spots like museums, hotels, and outdoor spaces.

Beyond the Runway Shows

In addition to the high-profile designer runway shows, New York Fashion Week incorporates a range of other events. Large-scale parties and exclusive celebrity gatherings celebrate the new collections. There are also street style shoots featuring bloggers, buyers, and other influencers in cutting-edge looks. Most major fashion brands and retailers host interactive exhibitions and pop-ups where visitors can see the collections and meet designers.

When Should I Start Planning for New York Fashion Week?

If you plan to attend New York Fashion Week, it’s best to start organizing a few months ahead of time. Hotel rooms in the city tend to get booked up fast. You’ll also want to figure out which shows and events you want access to and request invitations and tickets early. September is an especially busy tourism month in NYC as well, so booking things like flights and hotels last minute will be more expensive.

Stay on top of the official CFDA and NYFW websites for specific schedule announcements and other planning details for February and September 2023.


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