When is Paris Fashion Week

when is paris fashion week 2023
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Paris Fashion Week is one of the most prestigious fashion events in the world, showcasing the latest collections from top designers. For both the spring/summer and fall/winter seasons, Paris Fashion Week brings together the crème de la crème of the fashion industry for a week filled with glamorous runway shows, celebrity appearances, and more.

The Origins

The event originated in 1973 as a way to consolidate the various French runway shows that were being held sporadically up to that point. It quickly grew into a major event spotlighting French style and cementing Paris as a global fashion capital.

When Paris Fashion Week Takes Place

Paris Fashion Week occurs twice a year, once in late February/early March for fall/winter collections and again in late September/early October for spring/summer collections. The exact dates vary by year, but it generally spans 9 days for both the women’s and men’s shows. Leading up to fashion week are the haute couture shows in January and July.

The Venues

Most shows take place in lavish venues around Paris like the Grand Palais and Hotel Salomon de Rothschild. However, unexpected locations also pop up, keeping things interesting. Recent examples include the metro station Palais Royal and the Institute of the Arab World.

when is paris fashion week
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Who Attends Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week draws huge crowds of fashion industry elites, including designers, models, photographers, magazine editors, buyers, celebrities, and more. Major fashion houses like Chanel, Saint Laurent, and Louis Vuitton showcase their new collections on the Paris runways. Attendees are there to be inspired by groundbreaking styles and trends for the upcoming season.

Why Paris Fashion Week Matters

As one of the “Big Four” fashion weeks (alongside New York, London, and Milan), Paris Fashion Week holds major significance in the fashion world. The collections unveiled influence trends worldwide for the coming season. Even non-industry members eagerly follow the event in the media to stay on top of what’s hot in fashion.

When is Paris Fashion Week: Key Takeaways

– Occurs twice a year (February/March and September/October)
– Lasts approximately 9 days
– Showcases fall/winter and spring/summer collections
– Considered one of fashion’s premier events globally
– Attracts fashion elites and is closely watched by the public

So remember to mark your calendars if you want to know when is Paris Fashion Week! Both the glamour and influence of this thrilling event make it unmissable for fashion followers.


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