Why Do I Get Cold After Sex?

why do i catch cold easily

Have you ever experienced feeling unusually cold after engaging in sexual activity? You’re not alone. This phenomenon, while not widely discussed, is relatively common. In this article, we will explore why some individuals experience a sudden chill after sex, delve into the science behind it, and address some common questions related to this intriguing occurrence.

The Chill After Intimacy: Understanding the Phenomenon

After a passionate encounter, it’s not uncommon for some individuals to feel a sudden drop in body temperature, often accompanied by shivers and a desire to snuggle up under the blankets. This post-sex chill can be puzzling, but it’s perfectly normal and has various explanations:

1. Post-Orgasm Response

One of the primary reasons for feeling cold after sex is the post-orgasm response. During sexual activity, the body goes through several changes. When a person reaches climax, their body releases endorphins, which are known as “feel-good” hormones. However, this hormonal response can also lead to a drop in body temperature. Your body essentially cools down after the heightened arousal and exertion.

2. Loss of Heat

Engaging in sexual activity is a physically demanding task, and it can lead to a significant loss of body heat. As the body expends energy, it generates heat. However, after sex, when this activity comes to a close, your body may start to cool down as it no longer needs to produce as much heat.

why does being wet make you cold
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3. Exposure to Air

Another contributing factor to feeling cold after sex is the exposure of your skin to air. During sexual activities, you might have exposed more skin than usual. Once the activity ends, and you’re no longer generating heat through movement, the sudden sensation of cool air on your skin can make you feel chilly.

4. Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes play a significant role in post-sex chills. The hormones that are released during sexual arousal and orgasm can affect your body’s temperature regulation. This is particularly true for individuals with certain hormonal imbalances or sensitivities.

5. Room Temperature

The ambient temperature in the room where you engage in sexual activity can also influence how cold or warm you feel afterward. If the room is cool or drafty, you’re more likely to feel chilly once the physical activity comes to an end.

why do i catch cold easily

Is it normal to feel cold after sex?

Yes, it’s entirely normal to feel cold after sex. The reasons for this phenomenon can vary from hormonal changes to the loss of body heat during physical activity.

How can I prevent feeling cold after sex?

To prevent feeling cold after sex, consider keeping the room temperature comfortable, have warm blankets or clothing nearby, and engage in some light physical activity or cuddling to maintain body warmth.

Are post-sex chills more common in certain individuals?

Post-sex chills can affect anyone, but they may be more common in people who have hormonal imbalances, are more sensitive to temperature changes, or are exposed to cold air immediately after sex.

Can post-sex chills be a sign of a health issue?

In most cases, post-sex chills are not indicative of a health issue. However, if you frequently experience chills and are concerned, it’s a good idea to consult a healthcare professional.

How long do post-sex chills typically last?

The duration of post-sex chills can vary from person to person. It may last for a few minutes to an hour or longer. Staying warm and comfortable can help alleviate this sensation.


Feeling cold after sex is a common experience and usually nothing to be concerned about. It’s a natural response to the changes your body goes through during and after sexual activity. Factors such as hormonal changes, the loss of body heat, exposure to air, and room temperature all contribute to this sensation. If you find post-sex chills uncomfortable, consider making adjustments to your environment, such as maintaining a comfortable room temperature or having warm blankets on hand. Remember that everyone’s body responds differently, and what matters most is your overall comfort and well-being during and after your intimate moments.


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