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Selecting bridesmaids is an exciting part of wedding planning. Bridesmaids are there to support the bride leading up to the big day. To make sure expectations are clear, many brides create a bridesmaid questionnaire. This allows bridesmaids to share availability, budget constraints, and more.

Gathering Logistics

One of the main reasons for a bridesmaid questionnaire is to gather logistics. This includes contact information, measurements, and more.

Brides will want current addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses for all bridesmaids. This ensures the bridal party can be reached as plans progress.

Bridesmaids’ measurements are needed for ordering dresses. Ask for height, weight, dress size, bust, waist and hip measurements. Providing accurate sizing helps ensure a proper dress fit.

It’s also helpful to ask about bridesmaids’ budget constraints. Travel, dresses, hair, and makeup can add up. Understanding budgets prevents picking options bridesmaids can’t afford.

Clarifying Responsibilities

A bridesmaid questionnaire outlines what’s expected leading up to the wedding. This includes responsibilities on the big day itself.

Common bridesmaid duties include attending dress fittings, the bridal shower, and the bachelorette party. Brides should provide estimated dates and locations for key events.

Bridesmaids are often expected to assist with small wedding tasks. This may involve addressing invitations, assembling favors, or decorating. Providing a clear picture of anticipated duties allows bridesmaids to plan.

Of course, bridesmaids stand by the bride’s side at the ceremony and reception. Confirming participation well in advance is essential.

bridesmaid questionnaire
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Celebrating the Bride

Bridesmaids play an important part in celebrating the bride before the wedding. Showers and bachelorette parties provide an opportunity to bond with the bride.

A questionnaire can gather input to help plan these events. Brides can ask about convenient dates and locations for showers and bachelorette parties. Getting a sense of budget limitations and event ideas is also helpful.

Some bridesmaids may feel more comfortable planning events than others. The bride can ask who is interested in specific planning tasks. This ensures showers and parties are thoughtfully planned.

Above all, these celebrations allow the bridesmaids to honor the bride. Keeping that as the focus creates meaningful pre-wedding memories.

Having a clear understanding of logistics, duties, and events makes being a bridesmaid more enjoyable. A well-crafted bridesmaid questionnaire provides brides and bridesmaids with this shared understanding. Ultimately, this strengthens relationships and leads to a smooth wedding planning process.

What is an appropriate bridal shower gift if you are also a bridesmaid?

Most etiquette experts recommend spending around $75-100 on a bridal shower gift if you are also a bridesmaid. Focus on selecting a thoughtful gift within your budget that the bride will enjoy. Nice options include a custom photo album, luxurious bathrobes, unique kitchenware, or framed art. Don’t feel obligated to spend a fortune, especially if you are also paying for bridesmaid-related expenses. The bride is sure to appreciate a heartfelt gift at her shower.

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How much should I budget for my bridesmaid dress and accessories?

As a rule of thumb, plan to budget $150-300 for your bridesmaid dress. The cost can vary widely, however, from under $100 up to $500 or more depending on the style. Before committing, kindly ask the bride how much she expects bridesmaid dresses to cost. Also, budget $50-100 for shoes and accessories to complete your look. For hair and makeup, budget $50-150 or more per service. If costs will be a burden, discreetly discuss your situation with the bride. She may be willing to cover expenses above a certain amount.

What are fun but affordable bachelorette party ideas?

First, discuss costs and expectations with the bride to choose something comfortable for everyone. Fun and affordable bachelorette party ideas include a spa day, winery tours, painting classes, bowling, escape rooms, karaoke, beach trips, picnic parties, or a night in with games, drinks, and treats. Get creative and focus on bonding rather than overspending. The bride is sure to appreciate quality time with her closest girlfriends.


Creating a bridesmaid questionnaire allows brides to gather important details before the big day. It also sets clear expectations for what’s required of each bridesmaid. With open communication and understanding on both sides, being part of the bridal party will be a breeze. Most importantly, bridesmaids can focus on celebrating the bride-to-be with thoughtful gestures and quality time together.


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