Shows Like The Middle

shows like the middle

The Middle was a popular family comedy that aired on ABC from 2009-2018. The show centered around Frankie Heck, a middle-class wife and mother living in small-town Indiana, and her struggles to raise three unique and challenging children. Fans of The Middle may be looking for similar shows that capture the humor and heart of the beloved series. Here are some worthy options for shows like The Middle to enjoy.

Comedies Focused on Quirky Families

One of the key elements that made The Middle work so well was the dynamic between the very different Heck family members. If you’re looking for another show that highlights the eccentricities of family life, try these comedies:

Malcolm in the Middle – This sitcom revolves around Malcolm, a boy genius, and his dysfunctional lower middle class family. Like the Hecks, the members of Malcolm’s family are unique and often at odds as they try to get by day to day.

The Goldbergs – Set in the 1980s, this comedy follows the Goldbergs, a loud, loving family living in suburbia. Mother Beverly and her quirky parenting methods are certain to remind you of Frankie Heck.

Schitt’s Creek – When the wealthy Rose family loses their fortune, they must relocate to the small town of Schitt’s Creek. Their adjustment to simpler small-town living generates lots of humor.

shows like stuck in the middle

Relatable Leading Ladies

Frankie Heck stands out as a relatable female protagonist who juggles the everyday challenges of family, work, and relationships. If you love Frankie, check out these shows featuring similar flawed but lovable leading ladies:

Mom – Anna Faris stars as a single mother recovering from addiction, navigating work, romance, and parenting her grown but still difficult daughter.

The Conners – After the cancellation of the Roseanne reboot, this spin-off continues following the blue-collar Conner family led by the tough but big-hearted matriarch Darlene.

One Day at a Time – This comedy remake features a Cuban-American single mother raising two kids with the help of her traditional mother. The show explores generational differences through humor.

Small Town Settings

The small – town setting of Orson, Indiana is key in The Middle, adding charm and close community ties. If you enjoy shows that celebrate small-town living, try these options:

Parks and Recreation – Set in the fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana, this comedy documents the workings of local government through the lens of public official Leslie Knope.

Corner Gas – This Canadian sitcom is set in the fictional town of Dog River, Saskatchewan. It centers around the day-to-day lives of the quirky residents.

Everwood – A famous surgeon relocates his family from NYC to the small town of Everwood, Colorado after the death of his wife. The charming small-town community helps the family heal.

The Middle offered viewers a funny, genuine look at the ups and downs of middle-class family life over 9 seasons. Hopefully finding shows with similar qualities like relatable characters, quirky humor, and small-town settings can help fill the void left by its conclusion.


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