Hello Beautiful Book Club Questions

hello beautiful book club questions and answers
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Hello Beautiful is an empowering book by Mary J. Blige and Courtney Hazlett that invites women to discover their self-worth. As women come together in book clubs to discuss Hello Beautiful, here are some questions to spark meaningful conversation:

Examining Themes

One of the major themes in Hello Beautiful is learning self-love and self-acceptance. What did you learn from Mary and Courtney’s journey of overcoming insecurities and negative self-talk? How did their advice help you think differently about yourself?

Another big theme is tuning out outside opinions and avoiding comparison. What stuck out to you about Mary and Courtney’s guidance to stop seeking validation from others? How can you apply that to your own life?

Connecting with Mary J. Blige

As a music icon, Mary has lived much of her life in the public eye. How did hearing her personal struggles and insecurities change your view of her? What did you learn from how she has coped with fame and cultivated inner strength?

Mary openly shares about her heartbreaks, betrayals, and failed relationships. What wisdom did you gain from how she has learned to establish boundaries and stand up for herself?

Discussing Key Takeaways

What were the most impactful or inspiring quotes and passages in the book for you? What advice, stories, or principles did you gain that you want to remember and apply?

If you had to sum up the core message of Hello Beautiful in 1-2 sentences, what would it be? What is the key takeaway you want other women to know?

Applying the Lessons

How has Hello Beautiful already changed how you treat or speak about yourself? What shifted in your self-talk and internal narrative?

What practical tips from Mary and Courtney had the biggest impact? What stuck out to you about their advice for self-care, mirror work, affirmations, and more?

What changes do you want to make going forward in how you deal with challenging situations, overwhelming emotions, or critical people? How will you practice the lessons from Hello Beautiful?

Recommending the Book

For those who haven’t read it, what would you say about why Hello Beautiful is worth reading? How would you describe the book and who you would recommend it to?

What did you gain from reading this book together that you may not have gotten reading it on your own? What value did you find in sharing and discussing it as a group?

Hello Beautiful offers an uplifting message about the power women have to transform their lives by starting from within. Through vulnerable storytelling and practical advice, Mary J. Blige and Courtney Hazlett empower all women to stop seeking validation, practice self-care, turn down their inner critic, and step into their strength and worth. This book will resonate with any woman seeking to love herself wholeheartedly and walk in confidence.


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