How to Get Rid of a Pool Table

how to get rid of a pool table
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If you’ve decided it’s time to bid farewell to your pool table, whether due to a move, a need for space, or a change in interests, the process may seem daunting. Disposing of a pool table requires careful planning and execution to ensure a smooth transition. In this guide, we’ll explore effective methods and considerations for getting rid of a pool table.

Assessing Your Options

Before diving into the removal process, consider the various options available for parting ways with your pool table. Each method comes with its own set of considerations.

1. Selling Your Pool Table

Selling your pool table is a popular option that allows you to recoup some of your investment. Begin by researching the current market value of similar pool tables in your area. Websites like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and specialized billiards forums are excellent platforms for finding potential buyers.

2. Donating Your Pool Table

If making a profit isn’t your primary concern, donating your pool table can be a fulfilling option. Non-profit organizations, community centers, or youth clubs may welcome the addition of a pool table. Be sure to check with local charities or recreational facilities to gauge their interest and availability.

3. Hiring Professional Removal Services

For those who prefer a hands-off approach, hiring professional removal services can be a convenient option. These professionals specialize in dismantling and transporting pool tables, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Search for reputable removal services in your area to get estimates and reviews.

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Step-by-Step Removal Process

Once you’ve chosen the best option for your situation, follow these steps to effectively get rid of your pool table.

1. Dismantling the Pool Table

Start by removing the pockets, felt, and rails from the pool table. This step is crucial for making the table more manageable during transportation. Keep track of all the screws and components, as you’ll need them for reassembly or sale.

2. Disconnecting the Slate

The slate is the heavy, flat surface beneath the felt. Carefully detach it from the frame, making sure not to damage the edges or corners. The slate is often in multiple pieces, and each piece must be handled with care to avoid breakage.

3. Removing the Frame

Once the slate is removed, disassemble the wooden frame. Depending on the pool table’s design, you may encounter various fasteners and joints. Use appropriate tools and take your time to avoid causing any damage.

4. Transporting the Components

If you’re handling the removal yourself, ensure you have a suitable vehicle for transporting the disassembled pool table. Consider using blankets or padding to protect the components during transit. If you’ve hired professionals, they’ll take care of this part for you.

5. Reassembly or Disposal

If you plan to sell or donate the pool table, keep all the components organized and secure during transport. Once at the new location, follow the reverse of the dismantling process to reassemble the pool table. If disposal is the chosen route, contact local waste management services to inquire about proper disposal methods for large items.

Can I recycle the materials from my old pool table?  Recycling options may vary depending on your location. Check with local recycling centers or waste management facilities to determine if they accept materials from pool tables.

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How much does it cost to hire professional pool table removal services?  The cost of professional removal services can vary based on factors such as location, the complexity of the removal, and the distance of transportation. Obtain quotes from multiple services to find the best value.

Can I donate a pool table in any condition?  Many organizations accept pool tables in various conditions. However, it’s essential to communicate the table’s condition accurately to the potential recipient to avoid any misunderstandings.

Are there specific regulations for disposing of a pool table?  Local regulations may dictate how certain materials from a pool table, such as slate or felt, are disposed of. Check with your local waste management authorities for guidance on adhering to any regulations.

What should I include in a listing if I’m selling my pool table online?  Provide detailed information about the pool table, including its brand, dimensions, condition, and any accessories included (such as cues or balls). Clear, high-quality photos can significantly enhance the listing’s appeal.


Getting rid of a pool table requires careful consideration and planning. Whether you choose to sell, donate, or hire professionals for removal, taking the time to follow the proper steps ensures a smooth transition. By assessing your options, dismantling the table with care, and choosing the right disposal method, you can successfully bid farewell to your pool table while minimizing stress and inconvenience.


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