How to Pronounce Entertainment

how to pronounce entertainment
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Entertainment is a word that refers to activities that hold one’s attention and interest. Knowing how to properly pronounce this common word can ensure clear communication.

Breaking Down the Word

The word “entertainment” contains three syllables: en-ter-tain-ment. The first syllable, “en,” has a short “e” sound, as in “pen.” The second syllable, “ter,” sounds like “tur,” rhyming with “fur.” The third syllable, “tain,” uses the long “a” sound, like in “main” or “rain.” Last is “ment,” which sounds like “meant.”

Stress and Rhythm

When pronouncing “entertainment,” the stress falls on the third syllable, “tain.” So pronounce EN-ter-TAIN-ment, emphasizing the “tain” syllable. The word has an up-down-up rhythm, meaning the first syllable has lower volume and pitch, the second syllable drops even lower, and the stress on the third syllable brings the volume and pitch up.

Common Mispronunciations

Two of the most common mistakes people make when trying to say “entertainment” are:

• Pronouncing the second syllable as “tare,” like tearing a piece of paper
• Stressing the wrong syllable, such as EN-ter-tain-MENT

how to pronounce entertainment in english
Photo: Pexels

Tips and Tricks

Here are some useful tips to help properly pronounce entertainment:

• Say it slowly, over-enunciating each syllable
• Pay attention to the up-down-up rhythm
• Imagine you’re sounding out the word for someone learning English

Practice with Example Sentences

Repeating example sentences with “entertainment” can help commit the proper pronunciation to memory:

• The band provided great musical entertainment for the crowd.
• Streaming services offer endless entertainment options these days.
• I primarily use my tablet for entertainment purposes like games and movies.

Check a Dictionary or Thesaurus

If you’re ever uncertain whether you’re accurately pronouncing “entertainment,” confirm by looking it up in a reliable dictionary, thesaurus, or pronunciation resource. Both the audio clips and phonetic spellings can reinforce proper enunciation.

With a little time and practice, accurately articulating this three-syllable word will become second nature. Remember: EN-ter-TAIN-ment, stressing that vital middle syllable.


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