The Swordsmith Village Arc

the swordsmith village arc

The Entertainment District arc of Demon Slayer wrapped up the stories of the Upper Moon demons. After Tanjiro and the Hashira emerge victorious, the manga enters its next major storyline – the Swordsmith Village arc. This arc shifts the focus to crafting Nichirin blades and delves deeper into the history of Sun Breathing.

Origins of Nichirin Swords

Nichirin swords play a vital role in allowing the Demon Slayer Corps to battle Muzan Kibutsuji’s demons. The unique ore needed to forge these blades can only be found in one place – the Swordsmith Village. This reclusive village houses the descendants of Kokushibo, who originally discovered the secret of forging Nichirin blades.

The Hashira and Tanjiro travel to the Swordsmith Village to replace their broken or damaged blades. But dark secrets lurk in the history of this secluded mountain village. Sabito and Makomo’s backstory is also explored in greater depth.

the swordsmith village arc demon slayer

Sun Breathing Technique

It is revealed that Sun Breathing served as the basis for all other Breath Styles used by the Demon Slayer Corps. But only Tanjiro’s dance-like movements can unleash the full potential of this incredibly powerful technique.

Through more flashbacks, we learn that Tanjiro’s ancestor Sumiyoshi was the original creator of Sun Breathing. He developed it by studying the Hinokami Kagura fire dance. But why did the other Breath Styles splinter off from Sun Breathing?

Muzan’s Connection

It turns out Muzan has a centuries-long vendetta against the Kamado family and Sun Breathing. He slaughtered Tanjiro’s ancestors after Sumiyoshi mastered the Hinokami Kagura. Muzan greatly fears Sun Breathing’s destructive power and wants to eradicate this technique and all knowledge of it.

The Swordsmith Village arc provides crucial backstory information and lore that enriches the Demon Slayer narrative. It also sets up an eventual confrontation between Tanjiro and Muzan.

the swordsmith village arc

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the next major arc after the Entertainment District?

The Swordsmith Village arc follows the Entertainment District as the next major storyline in Demon Slayer.

Who does the group encounter at the Swordsmith Village?

Senjuro Rengoku, the Flame Hashira’s father and former Wind Hashira.

When does the Sun Breathing backstory get explained?

Through flashbacks experienced by Tanjiro during his stay at the Swordsmith Village.

How is Muzan connected to destroying Sun Breathing users?

He slaughtered Tanjiro’s ancestors after the Hinokami Kagura dance was created. He fears Sun Breathing’s power to kill demons.

What crucial items get repaired/replaced at the village?

The Hashira’s broken or damaged Nichirin blades after the battles against the Upper Moons.

The Swordsmith Village arc enriches the Demon Slayer story by delving into forgotten history and legendary techniques. It also continues building anticipation towards the eventual Tanjiro vs Muzan showdown. With its focus on lore and backstory, this promises to be one of the most narrative-heavy and revelatory arcs of the series.


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