How to Remove Ignition Lock Cylinder Without Key

how to remove ignition lock cylinder without key
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Removing an ignition lock cylinder without a key is a process that requires patience and the right tools. The ignition cylinder contains sensitive components including springs and tumblers that need to be handled with care during the removal process. With some determination and by following key steps, it is possible to successfully remove the ignition lock cylinder on your own.

Understanding the Ignition Cylinder

The ignition cylinder is found on the steering column of your vehicle. It is the housing that contains the keyhole and vital components needed for the ignition switch to function. Inside are small pins called tumblers that must be aligned precisely for the ignition to turn on. The key has grooves cut to the specific shape needed to interface with the tumblers and allow them to move into the right alignment. If your key is bent, broken, or lost, the ignition cylinder will need to be removed and replaced.

Gathering the Proper Tools

Removing and replacing an ignition cylinder requires a few specialty tools. At a minimum, you will need a steering wheel puller to detach the wheel from the column. Other essentials include a cylinder removal tool, ignition pick tools, and a new replacement cylinder. Safety glasses and gloves are also recommended. The specific make and model of your vehicle may require additional tools so consult a service manual.

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Accessing the Ignition Cylinder

With your tools gathered, you can get started on the removal process. First, detach the negative terminal from the battery to prevent accidental airbag deployment. Next, use the steering wheel puller to detach the wheel from the column so you can access the cylinder. Remove any trim panels or covers around the cylinder. Locate and document the position of any alarm system wiring.

Releasing the Locking Tabs

The ignition cylinder is held in place by small locking tabs. Use the cylinder removal tool to depress them so the cylinder can be released. Work slowly and take care not to bend or break the tabs. Applying gentle pressure, turn the removal tool clockwise and counter-clockwise while carefully pulling the cylinder outwards from the column. Patience is key here – with persistence, the cylinder will release from the locking tabs.

Extracting the Cylinder and Installing New

Once released, the cylinder can be fully extracted by hand. Make a note of the orientation of any alignment nibs. Thoroughly clean the docking port in the column to remove debris before installing the replacement. Guide the new cylinder into place, aligning any nibs or keys. Apply pressure while turning it gently clockwise and counter-clockwise until the locking tabs click securely into place. Reconnect the battery and test that the new cylinder turns properly before reassembling the steering column components.

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Troubleshooting Common Issues

Having trouble getting the cylinder unseated? First, ensure you are using the proper vehicle-specific removal tool and depression technique. Spray lubricant on the locking tabs and within the docking port to make removal easier. Key and lock lubricant can also help free a stiff cylinder. Avoid using excessive force or prying tools to prevent internal damage. If needed, a locksmith can disassemble and decode the cylinder to provide a proper key.

With a bit of determination and by following key steps, you can remove and replace an ignition lock cylinder without an original key. Just take care not to force components or damage sensitive internal parts. If in doubt, consult a professional locksmith or mechanic. They have the specialized tools and expertise to remove and replace ignition cylinders without causing harm.


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