I’m a Mom Webcomic

im a mom webcomic
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im a mom is a popular autobiographical webcomic created by artist Sara Andersen. It gives a humorous and relatable look at the adventures, frustrations, and joys of motherhood.

Life as a Mom

Sara Andersen launched im a mom in 2016, shortly after the birth of her daughter. The comics chronicle her own experiences as a new mom navigating the highs and lows of parenting. Many of the comics poke fun at the chaos of having a baby and toddler or highlight the differences between how Andersen imagined motherhood would be versus the reality.

Andersen’s illustrations coupled with self-deprecating humor and honesty quickly garnered a devoted following among moms who could relate. The popularity of the comic lies in its ability to find the comedy in the mundane and often gross parts of parenting that nobody talks about. Andersen gives moms permission to laugh about struggles like never showering or wearing real pants.

Relatable Moments

One of the most relatable themes of im a mom is how all-consuming motherhood can be. Comics show Andersen’s former hobbies and interests replaced by things like browsing minivan reviews or researching the best sippy cups. Other comics highlight time loss, like wondering how it could already be 3pm with nothing accomplished except keeping a baby alive.

Many working moms also connect with comics about the guilt and challenges of juggling motherhood with a career. Andersen is honest about the difficulties of being a working parent. Other relatable comics look at judgments and pressures moms face, lack of sleep, toddler tantrums, forgetting who you were before kids, and more.

Connecting With Moms

Part of what makes im a mom so popular is how it fosters a sense of community. Readers relate to Andersen’s uncensored look at motherhood and find comfort knowing they aren’t alone in this crazy parenting journey. The comment sections are filled with moms bonding over their shared experiences.

Many readers praise Andersen for keeping things real and helping them laugh at the wild ride of parenthood. Her honesty makes moms feel seen and less alone. The comics remind moms to be gentle with themselves amid the chaos of parenting.

Growth and Success

Since launching on social media in 2016, im a mom has grown enormously popular through word of mouth and relatability. Collections of the comics have been published in several books, including “Parenting Is Easy And Other Lies I Tell Myself” and “May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor.”

Andersen’s unique ability to find humor even in the gross, hectic moments of parenting has made im a mom a beloved comic. Moms see themselves in the ordinary chaos and frustrations of her life. For many, it is comforting to know that they aren’t alone in this challenging but rewarding journey of parenthood.


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