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secret your mom
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Mothers play a vital role in our lives, providing love, care, and guidance as we grow up. However, even the closest mother-child relationships can involve certain secrets being kept from mom. As children grow into adults, it’s natural to want more privacy and independence. There may be parts of our lives that we prefer to keep private from our parents.

Why Keep Secrets from Mom?

There are a few common reasons people may feel inclined to keep certain things secret from their mothers:

– Avoiding judgment or disappointment – Children, even as adults, often want to present an idealized version of themselves to their mothers. They may fear judgment or disapproval over choices they have made.

– Preserving the parent-child dynamic – As children grow up, they may wish to be seen as independent adults by their mothers, rather than still treated like dependent children. Keeping some areas of their life private can help establish this new dynamic.

– Personal growth – Keeping parts of one’s life private from a parent can be part of establishing one’s own identity and life apart from one’s family of origin.

– Protecting a parent’s feelings – A child may avoid telling a mother certain things to spare her feelings or avoid causing her distress. This may apply to sensitive topics like dating, personal difficulties, or major life decisions.

Handling Secrets Tactfully

When keeping reasonable secrets from mom, it’s best to do so tactfully. Abruptly shutting a mother out or being caught in major lies can damage the relationship. Consider:

– Gradually establishing more privacy as you grow up. As a teen transitioning to adulthood, slowly start sharing less about your daily activities and whereabouts.

– Being honest but vague when necessary. If asked an uncomfortable question, give a truthful but minimal answer. Redirect the conversation to another topic.

– Having occasional open talks about privacy. Gently explain your evolving need for more independence and privacy as an adult. Reassure mom that you still value her, but need to keep some areas of your life private.

– Choosing timing carefully. Avoid discussing contentious secrets during emotionally charged moments. Wait for a calm time when your mother seems receptive.

– Focusing on the relationship. Make time for quality mother-daughter interactions through activities you both enjoy. This can take focus off what you’re not sharing.

When More Openness is Needed

Some situations do warrant being more open with mom about previously private matters, such as:

– Major life decisions – Choices like marriage, moving away, switching careers or having children merit honesty, even if difficult. These life changes impact families.

– Big changes in mental health or physical well-being – A mother would want to know if her child is struggling with issues like depression, addiction or serious illness in order to help support them.

– Legal troubles or major debt issues – Mothers can sometimes provide useful guidance or assistance in navigating major problems like criminal charges, bankruptcy, etc. Their past experience and broader perspective can prove invaluable.

– Relationship conflicts – Mom can be a sympathetic ear to turn to when relationships with romantic partners or other family members become strained. HerOutside, objective perspective may help.

Keeping some reasonable level of privacy is normal, even in close mother-child relationships. With care and wisdom, important secrets can be kept without compromising mutual trust and understanding.


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