The Swordsmith Village Arc – What Comes After Demon Slayer’s Entertainment District?

the swordsmith village arc

After the intense and tragic events of Demon Slayer’s Entertainment District arc, Tanjiro Kamado and his allies have managed to regroup as they continue their quest to find a cure for his sister Nezuko. This leads them towards their next major arc – the Swordsmith Village.

Master Swordsmiths

The Swordsmith Village is home to the master swordsmiths who forge the special Nichirin swords used by the Demon Slayers. Here, Tanjiro hopes to get his sword repaired after it was damaged in the battle against the Upper-Rank demons. We are introduced to some new key characters like Love Hashibira, the master swordsmith Hoteye Haganezuka, and Muichiro Tokito the Mist Hashira.

Pillar Training

This arc provides an opportunity for some training and skill development for Tanjiro and the other Pillars. After the intense battles in the last arc, they need time to recover and get stronger for the challenges still to come. The Hashira put Tanjiro and their friends through an intense sparring session, testing how much their combat abilities have improved.

the swordsmith village arc manga

Family Ties

We also learn more background about one of the Hashira – Muichiro Tokito. It turns out he is connected to the Demon Slayer Corps founder’s family. This reveals some interesting history about the first Breath styles and Sun users. There may also be some hereditary demon slayer talents in Muichiro’s bloodline.

Upper-Rank Replacement

After the fall of Upper Ranks Six and Four in the last arc, Muzan Kibutsuji sees the need to promote new demons into the Upper Ranks. The sly demons Gyokko and Hantengu end up selected, and they both have unique and dangerous blood demon arts that will challenge the Demon Slayers. This sets up the future arc where these newly powered-up demons take on the Hashira.

daki’s Revenge

Also seeking revenge after the last arc is Upper Rank Six’s surviving sibling Gyutaro. He will be gunning for Tanjiro and the others to take down his beloved sister Daki. As one of the longest-living Upper Ranks, Gyutaro will surely be one of the strongest foes the Demon Slayer Corps have ever faced.

So while this Swordsmith Village arc starts a bit slower after the rapid pace of the last one, it ends up setting the stage for epic future battles. As well as growing the abilities of Tanjiro and the other heroes, before they eventually must confront the strongest Upper Rank, Kokushibou himself!


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