The Swordsmith Village Arc – What Lies Ahead for Demon Slayer

the swordsmith village arc

In the latest entertaining arc of Demon Slayer, Tanjiro Kamado and his allies have faced and overcome their greatest threat yet – the Upper-Rank demons of the Entertainment District. Now that this arc has reached its thrilling conclusion, many fans are left wondering – what’s next for Tanjiro and his fellow demon slayers?

The Next Arc – The Swordsmith Village

While details remain scarce, there are strong indications that the story will progress to the Swordsmith Village arc. This makes sense narrative-wise, as Tanjiro’s signature Nichiren blade was broken in the battle against Upper Rank 6. He will likely need to visit the village to have it repaired by the master swordsmiths.

New Allies and Enemies

As with any new arc, we can expect Tanjiro to encounter new allies and enemies on his journey. The demon slayers of the Swordsmith Village may very well stand alongside Tanjiro in the upcoming battles. Powerful demons are also likely to impede their path.

the swordsmith village arc manga

Tanjiro’s Character Development

The Entertainment District arc saw significant development for Tanjiro. He unlocked a new level of the Breath of the Sun style and now has experience battling the top-level threats of the demon world. We can expect the Swordsmith Village arc to build even further upon Tanjiro’s progression into a formidable demon slayer.

The Mystery of Tanjiro’s Sword

One of the main storylines that is likely to be explored is the mystery behind Tanjiro’s distinct Nichiren blade. Its unique color and properties have been hinted at but never fully explained. Interacting with the master swordsmith who originally forged it could provide more lore.


While very little is currently known about the next arc in Demon Slayer, the progression of the story points to the Swordsmith Village being the next stop for Tanjiro Kamado and his allies. There, exciting new revelations, allies, enemies, and developments await. Fan excitement is understandably high to see what will unfold next for the beloved characters.


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