Why Am I Hungry After Sex?

why am i hungry after sex
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Sex is an intense physical activity that can increase appetite hormones and burn calories, leading many people to feel hungry after intimacy. This is a normal biological response, but there are things you can do before and after sex to help prevent post-coital hunger pangs.

The act of sex engages multiple muscle groups and revs up your metabolism. Like any workout, it requires energy and can leave you feeling depleted. Sex also triggers the release of hormones like oxytocin, prolactin and endorphins which affect appetite centers in the brain.

Prolactin in particular has been linked to increased hunger. Studies show levels of this hormone spike after orgasm. Scientists believe prolactin may prompt you to refuel your body after the exertion of sex. Estrogen also dips after orgasm, which can stimulate appetite.

Sex sessions that are longer, more vigorous or involve multiple orgasms will burn more calories and are more likely to make you hungry. The average sexual encounter burns 60-100 calories but that amount may be higher for marathon sex sessions.

Exerting all that energy during sex can leave you famished. Your body needs to replenish its fuel stores after a booty call. Craving high-carb, high-fat foods post-sex may be your body’s way of restoring its energy reserves quickly.

You may also feel thirsty after intimacy due to fluid loss from sweating. Dehydration can also mimic feelings of hunger, so be sure to rehydrate after sex. Drinking water can help curb post-coital cravings.

While it’s perfectly normal to feel hungry after sex, there are some things you can do to prevent extreme hunger:

– Eat a nutritious meal containing protein, complex carbs and fat 2-3 hours beforehand
– Stay hydrated before, during and after sex
– Engage in slower, more relaxed intimacy if ravenous hunger is an issue
– Indulge cravings in moderation with healthy snacks like yogurt or fruit

The bottom line is post-sex hunger is very common and a sign your body is functioning normally. Satisfy cravings mindfully, focussing on nutritious choices that fuel and hydrate your deliciously sated body.


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