Why Do Indians Not Wear Deodorant?

why do indians not wear deodorant
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Deodorant usage in India is not as prevalent as in Western countries. There are several reasons why many Indians choose not to wear deodorant regularly.

Cultural Norms Around Scent

Unlike Western cultures where masking body odor is expected, strong scents are not considered polite in Indian society. Many Indians believe that natural body smells should not be covered up or altered. There is a cultural preference for light, natural fragrances rather than strong deodorants and perfumes. Heavy scents are seen as intrusive and distracting in social settings.

Additionally, Indians value cleanliness through bathing rather than masking smells with deodorant. Frequent bathing, especially before prayers or meals, is part of Indian daily life. Using soap and water to wash the body is seen as more effective than simply covering up odors.

why do indians not wear deodorant
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Climate and Sweating

India’s hot and humid climate makes sweating unavoidable for most Indians. The monsoon season also brings heavy rains and flooding across much of the country. Deodorants are not seen as practical in India’s tropical climate as the products would need to be reapplied frequently on sweaty skin.

Many Indian antiperspirants are not as strong as Western brands. Since most Indians don’t use deodorant regularly, their bodies sweat more profusely when deodorant is applied. The deodorant wears off quickly and causes even more body odor. This puts many Indians off wanting to use deodorants at all.

Health Concerns Over Chemicals

There is a widespread perception among Indians that deodorant and antiperspirant chemicals are harmful. Natural health products are popular, so many Indians avoids deodorants containing aluminum, parabens and other synthetic ingredients.

Ayurvedic health practices are commonplace in India. Ayurveda promotes using natural oils and herbs for skin care over chemical cosmetics and deodorants. There are concerns that chemicals in deodorants may be absorbed into the bloodstream through the armpits.

indians not wear deodorant
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Cost and Availability

Imported deodorants are expensive in India compared to locally made natural skin care products. Since deodorant is not an essential item, many Indians do not want to spend large amounts of money on it. High-end deodorant brands are only found in luxury stores and are inaccessible to most of the population, especially in rural areas.

Even cheaper deodorants made domestically often contain alcohol that can irritate and cause rashes in hot, humid weather. Very few natural deodorant options are manufactured and sold in India currently.

Is Deodorant Use Rising in India?

While deodorant use is still uncommon among middle-aged and elderly Indians, it is rising among youth and urban professionals. Young people are exposed to more Western grooming norms through media and advertising. Marketing campaigns by multinational deodorant brands increasingly target Indian teenagers and young adults.

Still, deodorant usage remains well below levels in Europe, North America and East Asia. Changing cultural attitudes take time. For now, deodorant and antiperspirant application is not part of most Indians’ daily routine. Using soap and water remains the norm for body odor management.


India’s cultural preferences, climate, health views and limited availability explain why deodorant usage has not caught on in the country. While some young, urban Indians are starting to use deodorants, most still rely on bathing, natural scents and ayurvedic practices. Deodorants are seen as unnecessary, ineffective and potentially harmful by many Indians.


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