How to Get My Husband on My Side Manga

how to get my husband on my side manga

Manga and anime have exploded in popularity outside of Japan in recent years. What was once seen as a niche interest has become mainstream. However, some spouses may still be skeptical about their partner’s interest in manga and anime. Here are some tips for getting your husband on board with your manga fandom.

Appeal to Shared Interests

Look for manga that aligns with your husband‘s existing interests. Is he a sports fan? Try a sports manga like Slam Dunk or Eyeshield 21. Does he like sci-fi? Introduce him to classics like Akira or Ghost in the Shell. Finding a manga that overlaps with his hobbies is an easy way to get him invested.

Highlight Unique Storytelling

Manga offers storytelling and artwork you can’t find anywhere else. The imaginative plots, dynamic characters, and superb art can appeal to all sorts of readers. Emphasize how manga offers an experience beyond traditional comics. The combination of intricate art and riveting drama makes for an engaging read.

how to get my husband on my side mangastic

Share Your Enthusiasm

Simply sharing your passion can get your partner interested. Tell your husband what you love about your favorite manga from the captivating stories to the wonderful art. Your enthusiasm may rub off on him. Recommend some of your favorites and offer to lend him volumes to read.

Watch Anime Adaptations

If your husband is open to animation, watching anime versions of popular manga is very accessible. The voice acting and music of an anime can add excitement. Try starting with mainstream hits like Death Note, Attack on Titan, or My Hero Academia. Experiencing the stories in a new way may help get your husband hooked.

Find a Shared Activity

Make reading manga a shared activity by reading together. Try taking turns reading chapters out loud. Or get comfortable together as you each read a volume. Discussing the story and characters will help keep him engaged. New manga readers sometimes struggle with the right-to-left format, so reading together can help overcome that hurdle.

Take It Slow

Don’t overwhelm your husband if he’s new to manga. Start with standalone volumes rather than intimidating long-running series. Avoid delving into niche genres at first. Build up his familiarity gradually instead of dumping piles of volumes on him. Give him time to appreciate the manga medium at his own pace.

Manga offers compelling stories that can appeal to diverse readers. With the right approach tailored to your husband’s interests, he can discover the joy you find in manga. Keep communication open as you share this pastime. With a bit of patience, you may just gain a manga-reading partner.


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